Holiday weekend, night one, and a new toy

May 27, 2011

Well, it’s a good start.

The roast was a bit tough, but had a wonderful flavor. The asparagus and the potatos were spot on. The Memorial Day weekend has commenced.

Isn't it COOL? Perhaps I should have a name-the-grill contest....

And I have kicked it off with my newest toy, which I plan to ride hard and put up wet this weekend.

Ain’t it pretty?

I’d been thinking for a good while I wanted a gas grill. I love my old barrel grill, but it’s about seen its better days. Not that I can complain; the previous resident here had left it, and I was starting in on my third summer with it, and it continues to cook. But it’s starting to show some daylight in the bottom, and I knew the End Was Near.

So I had been glancing at the gas grills when I’d go to the dreaded WalMart, to pick up charcoal and lighter and dog treats, all of which are next door to the grills. (Not sure about the rationale, there. Do they think we’re going to grill our dogs? Are we all Korean, or something?) Anyway, starting early in the spring, they had these four-burner Brinkmanns on for $188, which ain’t a bad price. And I kept thinking about buying one, but Ikept balancing $188 against a $7.50 bag of charcoal and a $2.50 bottle of starter, and I’d keep buying charcoal. But I finally talked myself into getting one.

Went down there Thursday, and they had two, count them, two, of those grills left. I paid for one, they stuck a “sold” sticker on it, and I headed out to round up someone to take it home for me, because, y’know, it won’t fit in the Avalon. Child C drafted one of her buddies with a pickup, and and we went to get it, only to find the other one also had a sold sticker on it. So I’m glad I moved when I did; usually I’m a day late and a dollar short.

All in all, a good start to the weekend. Even if the beef was tough.

Anyway, I waited until tonight to break it in. I had a sirloin tip beef roast, which I’d sprinkled down in Spade L Ranch seasoning and wrapped in plastic to marinate in the fridge all day. I pulled it out and grilled it to 150 degrees; it was a lovely rare, if nearly as tough as shoe leather. I think I’ll pass on rare roasts, unless they’re a tenderloin or a prime rib.

I grilled asparagus, and roasted redskin potatos, and it wasn’t a half-bad dinner. Used some truffle balsamic cream as a sauce on the beef, and that was pretty wonderful. Lucy got scraps, and was happy.

Tomorrow, farmer’s market, and duck. You and y’mama ‘n ’em stay tuned.


One Response to “Holiday weekend, night one, and a new toy”

  1. Toy Lady Says:

    Congratulations on the shiny new grill! I love love love the gas grill. Sure, charcoal’s great when you have time to fuss with it, but for a quick dinner on a weeknight, you just fire it up and go, then shut it off, and you’re done.

    Also – we keep a spare tank of propane, because there’s not much sadder than a Sunday afternoon, steak is on the grill, and you run out of gas. 😦

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