Duck, duck….pork?

May 24, 2011

Yum. I feel like Christmas. Can't wait to try this stuff this weekend.

I love mail-order food. Stuff shows up at work, the UPS overnight shipping service, with “perishable” stamped all over the box. It’s like Christmas, and I get to daydream away the afternoon (well, I didn’t, really, but in between being busy, I did, and I DO multitask pretty well…).

I hit the big ka-ching on both my Hudson Valley Foie Gras order, which I expected, and my Petit Jean Meat Co. order, which I did NOT expect because I had forgotten I ordered it, but No Big Deal. And now I have:

  • Six duck leg quarters (or is it eight? I forget).
  • A two-pound tub of duck fat.
  • Two big, fat duck breasts
  • A small package of “duck bacon,” that I guess they threw in for lagniappe. Do they do lagniappe in New York?
  • 24 ounces each of Petit Jean Meats peppered bacon and regular smoked bacon, thick-cut
  • A six-pound or so Petit Jean Meats spiral sliced ham

Bounty, I am telling you! Bounty! I can hardly wait to cook some of all of this stuff over the upcoming holiday weekend (the ham went in the freezer, as I still have vacuum-packed and frozen ham from Christmas in there, but I may get THAT out and do something with it….).

How all this came about was a set of totally disparate circumstances. First the Petit Jean order. Now, let it be noted that Petit Jean Meats, up in Morrilton, AR, is NOT to be confused with Petit Jean Farms, the purveyors of my fine grass-fed beef and other delectables (which I should be able to pick up this weekend, I highly hope!), although both are in the same general area of the state. Petit Jean Farms is a small, high-quality packing house, whose products are quite well known in Arkansas and, I suspect, nearby states. They do a fairly thriving mail order business (check ’em out here), and most Arkansas groceries carry their products, at least the cured meats. Their hams are the gold standard, in my book, and their bacon is pretty fine.

So they ran a Groupon back before Easter for a combo package of both kinds of bacon and the spiral sliced ham, $35. Now, their bacon, if it’s not on sale, goes for $11.99 a 24-oz package in Kroger. Their spiral sliced ham is $80 for a whole ham, so figure $40 for this one. I am not a real math whiz, but even I can see that is a good deal, so I got one. I had until October to redeem it, but I figured I’d best go on and do so before I forgot I had it.

If you don’t know about Groupons, go here and find out. I get the regulalr e-mail; about once a week, I see something I’d think about getting, and about once a month, I buy something. They’re coupons, generally for about half off, for everything from restaurant fare to massages and beauty treatments to digital scanning services (that was the other recent one I bought, to get a bunch of old photos scanned). If you’re in a decent-sized city and eat out a lot, they’re worth watching for that ($5 for $10 worth of sushi was one this week, but it was in Little Rock and I didn’t plan to be over there at a mealtime anytime real soon).

So, I ordered the stuff, had ’em send it to me after I knew I’d be back from traveling, and promptly forgot about it until today.

The duck goodies I decided to order after I had the previously mentioned duck confit at Murphy’s in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. My culinary guinea pig is coming over this weekend, so I ordered the makings for confit so if it’s not fit to eat, I can pawn it off on him. On the other hand, if it’s absolutely wonderful, I guess I’ll still have to send him home with a bit of it. I ordered the breasts because, well, I figured I might as well order enough to make the overnight shipping from New York worthwhile. I did manage to stay off the foie gras torchon and the truffle butter, though I did waver, yes indeed I dead. Instead I opted for the moulard breasts, which I’m going to try to smoke. Check out all the mouthwatering stuff you can get from them here. (I damn near bought a T-shirt, just because I figured it’s one I’m not likely to run into very often.)

So. Weekend. I’m saying peppered bacon with Mennonite tomatos and fresh leaf lettuce for kickass BLTs. Duck bacon with over easy eggs. Smoked duck with cheese and crackers as a munchy with wine. Confit with a potato gratin or a risotto for dinner one night. Oh, and I also have lobster tails I’ve been saving, that’ll go on the grill, and a tri-tip roast that’s going in the oven.

Maybe you and y’mama ‘n ’em had best think about dropping by to see me this weekend.


2 Responses to “Duck, duck….pork?”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    In addition to Groupon, there’s also LivingSocial ( Plus your readers should check with their local newspaper and TV stations (here in Memphis, for example, the Commercial Appeal does a half-off voucher program called “Inside Scoop from The Deal Detective”– for your Memphis area friends/family–and WMC-TV also does one ( also for your Memphis area friends/family)).

    Lookin’ over the Petit Jean Meat Co. website, I wish Groupon would offer a deal in Memphis for that (I suppose I could just pay attention to their LR or Hot Springs deals, too)–which would work, since they’re a mail-order establishment.

    And let me reiterate your implied advice to pay attention to the expiration dates for those vouchers. I have let one expire in the past, which kinda defeats the purpose of the exercise. Just sayin’. 😦

  2. kate Says:

    Dang. I’d almost trade the horse trip for a deck trip…

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