More food. Not nearly enough grandbaby.

May 21, 2011

I mean, seriously. Can you get any cuter? No, you cannot.

OK. I admit it. I’m whipped.

If this child could speak, and asked me to go to the moon, I’d be looking for a space capsule.

See this curve in my spine? It’s where I’m curled around her finger.

The kid rules.

But her mama ain’t bad, either, which is why I fixed us cool munchy girl stuff for lunch, and salmon with peas in sage cream sauce for dinner. Well, that, and because I could.

I went to the local Publix (I do love me some Publix; wish we had ’em!) to get the makings for dinner, which I wanted to try because Lynne Rosetto Kasper had e-mailed me the recipe for salmon with peas in sage cream sauce. Well, me and the rest of the world that subscribes to the Splendid Table newsletter, but let us not quibble. But I got that recipe, and recalled how much Child B loved salmon, and I thought, well, why not?

Grocery store lunch. Compiling beats preparing, some days.

But I went there hungry, at lunchtime (OK, late lunch, but the pancakes from  Pfunky Griddle were wearing thin). And I thought, well, we need something betwixt now and dinner. And so, I picked up hummus with Kalamata olives (all FoPro’d up in it, and it was GOOD, let me tell you!), and fruit salad, and carrot sticks, and cheese, and crackers to go with the sheep’s milk ricotta we got at the Farmers Market last night, and it was a most excellent lunch. And then my best-friend-from-when-I-was-a-kid, who was in town to get her roots done, called to come by, and did, and we had a wonderful time talking about back-in-the-day, and we drank wine, and then I cooked.

I actually went to some pains to do a mise-en-place and get everything ready to cook before I commenced applying heat to food. I cooked the rice, as we decided we’d rather have that than gluten-free pasta; I minced sage and an onion, because the Publix had no shallots; cut my salmon fillets up into one-inch or so cubes.

And then I softened the onions in a mix of butter and olive oil; added the sage; added the salmon, the wine, the cream. Forgot the peas. Added the peas. Clapped a lid on it, took it off the heat, went outside to watch the kids next door tearing up and down the cul-de-sac in a Barbie Mustang convertible. They were having a ton of fun, and Scout allowed she wanted to get in the car with them. Her mama and I dissuaded her from this notion.

Anyway. It was good. It wasn’t as good as I thought it ought to be. But then, salmon usually disappoints me. Give me halibut, sea bass, or ahi tuna. Or grouper. I can’t get excited about salmon.

Crappy cell phone pic. Sorry. Deal with it.

The dish had the same quality that I often find in LRK’s dishes. They’re just a bit on the bland side. Lynne, I’m sorry. You are just the coolest person in the world to listen to, and I don’t miss a podcast of your show (being that my NPR station doesn’t carry you, a situation I hope to remedy one of these days), but I find myself always wanting to add some level of intensity to your recipes. But while the sage and cream and onion and white wine imparted a gentle, subtle flavor, I found myself wanting….more. Orange zest, maybe? Lemon? Dill? I dunno. Maybe just a bigger dose of black pepper. I’ll play with it.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing eggs and cheese grits. Maybe the en cocotte variety, maybe straight up, I haven’t decided. And then I have to suck it up and go home. Dammit.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em are going to have to excuse me now. I’m going to go watch an angel sleep.


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