Monday, Monday

May 16, 2011

It wasn’t all bad. The dog got better, averting a trip to the vet. I was only without e-mail for an hour or so this morning before we got it fixed. And I came home to a clean kitchen and fixed some leftovers with some freshly-cooked veggies.

Blog/camera time machine. Last night's dinner, tonight's post.

This is not that meal. I didn’t see the point in photographing warmed-over brisket, mashed potatos and carrots. Carrots were good, though. I boiled them with some grated ginger until they were tender, drained them, then glazed them with butter and honey and put them back on the heat to just let that thicken up a bit. Then I added a little chopped tarragon. Good stuff.

The above, rather, was Sunday’s dinner, and a rather straight-forward dinner it was, too. A grilled pork chop, some potato salad and some slaw. Can’t beat it. Also grilled burgers for NS, who was pissy-faced at the idea of “pork chops AGAIN?” and since I’d been gone for a week and missed his birthday to boot, I indulged him.

Jaysus. Kid would eat hamburgers every day if I’d let him. A balanced diet is NOT one of his priorities.

The pork chops were some I’d brought home and stuck in the freezer, about halfway thawed once, decided against cooking, and then thawed again, so I had to cook them. Big, pretty pork chops; about an inch or so thick.  There were six. We ate two. At least one of the left-over ones will go in some sweet potato hash. One or two will likely go in quesadillas. Or, hell, I may chop ’em all up and put them in enchiladas, or press them on some French bread and make Cubanos.

A pork chop is a versatile thing, it is.

Nothing else noteworthy in the food department. I think I’m going to fix banana bread tonight; I have bananas that are about to be past their point of usefulness. So I reckon I’ll go look for banana bread recipes. If you and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good one, e-mail it to me.


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