Sunday evening (and the Cards are up 3-zip in the 6th)

April 24, 2011

I knew it. Dammit. I cook all day, up to and including a kick-ass dinner, and I’ve been munching along enough all day I wasn’t hungry.

I didn’t even plate it to photograph it and show it off to y’all. But it was lobster risotto and grilled flank steak and chopped caprese salad, and I tasted each of them, and they were lovely.

Plus we made Rice Krispy treats and coconut macaroons and lobster mac and cheese, which is chillin’ in the fridge against the prospect of being baked later this week. Three about two-person meals, in fact.  And regular mac-and-cheese for the children, who would likely look askance at lobster mac and cheese. So between that and the lobster risotto, I can eat for about the rest of the week on lobster.

I took my two lobsters and pulled all the meat out of the tails and claws, and then stashed those shells with the other two lobster shells I’d snarfed from yesterday in my big stockpot with a roughly chopped onion, a couple of carrots cut in chunks, and a couple of bay leaves. Let it boil for a good while, and steep for a while more, then fished the solids out (a strainer basket is a Good Thing) and reduced the stock down. Meanwhile, I chopped the lobster meat (it came to close to three cups from two lobsters), and divided it amongst the risotto pile and the mac-and-cheese pile.

The mac and cheese was pretty straightforward. I cooked two 12-oz bags of noodles, and kept back about a third of them from the generic mac-and-cheese making with Velveeta and cheddar. I made a bechamel, using heavy cream, then half-and-half, and finishing out with lobster stock. I added a good healthy cup of grated Gruyere, along with a couple of ounces of fresh Mozzarella, because I had it. Chopped up some parsley and tarragon from the back yard herb garden.

I tasted it before I parceled it out into aluminum pans with lids, for refrigerating. It was pretty marvelous.

As was the risotto. I sauteed a finely chopped onion, added a cup of carnaroli rice. Sauteed that until it sucked up all the butter, and looked sort of chalky. Added somewhere between a half and a cup of pinot grigio. Stirred from time to time and let that all soak up. Commenced the standard ladle-in-stock/stir/repeat-when-it’s-all-absorbed routine. Finished it off with the chopped lobster, some grated parmigiano reggiano, some tarragon and a couple of tablespoons of butter. Oh, and about a cup and a half of corn cut off the cob from what we had boiled with the lobster yesterday. I mean, they’d already been friends, OK?

Honey. This stuff will make you hurt yourself. I just hope it’s as good warmed up as it was fresh, as by that time I had had three coconut macaroons and two Rice Krispy treats, and was plumb full.

Oh, and I grilled a flank steak in there as part of the adventure.

I’m not sure, for sheer volume of production, if I’ve ever had a Sunday that could match this one. I mean, you and y’mama ‘n ’em  could eat all week on what I’ve cooked today. But part of the idea is to have stuff in the freezer, since I will be leaving next Saturday and will not have a weekend of cookery, so the children will not die of starvation while I’m gone. For four days.

And remind me I need to kill off my stored credit card number from the Papa John’s website!


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