A disparate Saturday

April 23, 2011

Not half bad. I sure wouldn't throw it out.

This is good stuff. I defy you to have had a better lunch than I did.

What do multigrain bread, kickass BLTs, and lobsters have in common?

Not much, except me, today. All have been part of my Saturday. Plus. I’m now the owner of half a cow, and five months’ worth of tomatos. All in all, it’s been a beneficial Saturday.

Last night, in my post-helluva-week stupor, I did manager to put together a soaker for some multigrain bread. And I got up this morning and made multi-grain bread, before I got busy doing everything else that today has brought me. And then I did other stuff, and went and bought my half-a-cow and my tomatos, and then I baked the risen bread, and then I went and cooked 200 lobsters and brought back two cooked lobsters, two shells (I knew who ate those lobsters!) for stock, and 20 frozen lobster tails, 14 of which belong to someone else and have to go to work with me Monday.

I am making some lobster risotto and some lobster mac and cheese tomorrow, I am here to tell you.

Oh, and in between I used one of those God-bless-the-Mennonites tomatos and made myself and Child C a big honkin’ BLAT (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) sandwich, which filled me up so I was not of a notion to eat my lobster tonight, therefore I will wait until tomorrow to eat it.

The multigrain bread is not as good as the one I made last weekend, because I cannon leave well enough alone and I have to try to improve on it. It ain’t bad; it ain’t as good as last week. I used teff, millet, wheatberries and flaxseed for the soaker. When I made the bread this morning, I added a cup of whole wheat flour along with the white flour, and just for the hell of it, threw in some buckwheat flour.

It was pretty decent. The relatively small amounts of whole wheat and buckwheat still allowed for a relatively light loaf — I added, as I did last week, some wheat gluten to help the rising process. The loaf was good, nutty from the buckwheat and the teff, but would have benefitted from being a tad sweeter. I could have used some more honey, or some molasses. Next time.

Tomorrow, I’m working on my first rye bread. I’ve got a rye starter going now, made up Friday night (rye flour, rye flakes, yeast, water) and sitting out on the counter, as well as some spelt berries soaked in water and drained that allegedly should sprout by tomorrow. I didn’t have rye berries. I figured spelt might work. Oh, and it has caraway seed in it. We shall see.

I also have a flank steak thawed out, thought I might grill it (needs to marinate; that’ll have to start out in the morning, as I’m too stinking tired to do it tonight). And I thawed a collection of ground beef, veal and pork to make meatballs to stick in the fridge for future reference.

Looks like I may be busy tomorrow. But for tonight, you and y’mama ‘n ’em will have to do without me; I be’s tired. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.


2 Responses to “A disparate Saturday”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Can we go visit your half-a-cow sometime when I’m over?


  2. kate Says:

    That looks like “my” bread.
    Like I said, I’m “fixated.”

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