A pig loves him a sweet potato

April 19, 2011

Faced with a night at home and nothing thawed, one must repurpose leftovers. In this case, pulled pork barbecue.

I married that stuff off to a sauteed sweet potato, with bridesmaids of tomato and mozzarella, and dinner was damn fine.

Pig and sweet potato. Alternatively, tomato and mozzarella. No complaints.

I had this pulled pork. It had been residing in a plastic baggie in my fridge for a week and two days, which meant it was getting toward the “use it or throw it out” deadline. It was too damn good to throw out. So I used it.

I contemplated this on the way home. I said to myself, “Self? If you’d saute a sweet potato….and if you’d throw that leftover barbecued pork in it….you might have something pretty good.” So I got home, and I did just that. I had a single lonely sweet potato; peeled and diced in 1/2 inch or so dice, it yielded perhaps 1 1/2 cups or so. I threw those in a skillet with some canola oil to commence cooking. I got the baggie of barbecue out of the fridge, and chopped it relatively fine.

As an aside: I would note that in the Mid-South, when one uses “barbecue” as a noun that, due to its context, refers to a meat substance, it is pork which has been slow-cooked over coals. Just in case you wondered about that.

So I threw the barbecue in with the sweet potato, and for good measure, added a healthy sprinkle — ok, maybe a quarter cup, maybe not quite that much — dry rub in with it. I do not know what was in this dry rub; it was given to me. It has, from smell/taste tests, a fair portion of brown sugar, paprika, chile powder, and garlic, and I won’t testify to what all else, but it was handy, and I thought the sugar would play well with the sweet potato. So I sprinkled, and to allow the potatos to finish steaming done, I added maybe a half-cup of water, to let it simmer out.

Simmer out it did,and then I let the potatos and barbecue crispify up on the edges and stuff, and scooped it out, and paired it withe a God-Bless-The-Mennonites tomato, which I in turn paired with some mozzarella cheese, and supper was served. And a damn fine thing it was.

And in between all that, I made NS a grilled cheese sandwich, because I am a sucker and will hasten to feed the growing 6’3″ boy something he wants instead of telling him he can eat what’s on the agenda. But, then, grilled cheese ain’t all THAT much trouble.

Anyway, if you and y’mama ‘n n’em have any leftover barbecue, try this with it. Because this? Is just damn well GOOD.


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