Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

April 13, 2011

In other words, I’m still here. I’ve even been cooking. But I haven’t done much photography nor writing to go with it.

However, I feel I must take a moment to share with you some exciting news.


It’s like this. About three years ago, I bought a house, and I bought my very first ever brand-new refrigerator. I measured the spot it had to go in, and I went to Sears, and I told Vance at Sears, “I want the biggest refrigerator you have that will fit in this space, and I want it white, side-by-side, with ice and water in the door. ” So he tried to show me my choices, and I said, “I know what a refrigerator looks like. Just deliver the damn thing and hook up the icemaker.”

And he did, and it was marvelous. And not quite a year later, I moved to Hot Springs. And hooking up icemakers was not part of the movers’ expertise. And I didn’t know anyone over here that I could say, “Hey, come over and hook up my icemaker and I’ll cook you dinner.” And I really didn’t want to pay a plumber 75 bucks to come out and hook up the icemaker.  And my down-the-hill neighbor said he could hook it up, and did, but it leaked. And I tried to fix the leak and failed. So I said “Screw it,” and just bought a bag of ice from time to time, usually just when I wanted to make mojitos or martinis or such, or put a cube or two in some Scotch.

Fast-forward two years. Old friend moves to Hot Springs. She’s friends with another casual acquaintance who has also moved to Hot Springs. Something came up about me not having an icemaker, and she allowed that mutual friend could hook it up. So I said I’d cook dinner if he’d do so.

And he did, and I did, and we have ice! I’m enthralled.

Elsewhere in the wider world:

  • This past weekend’s breadmaking adventure was buckwheat molasses bread. I was underwhelmed. Don’t think I’ll be going there again.
  • Barbecued some chicken last night. It was most tasty.
  • Prepared my first-ever recipe from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc At Home — a vegetable gratin.  I was underwhelmed again; not that it was bad, but from Thomas Keller, I expected Sweet Baby Jesus. While this was decent, it did not rise to that level.
  • In cleaning out the icemaker bin, which had become just another freezer shelf, I wound up throwing away four duck breasts I had moved with me when I moved to Hot Springs. Hated to do it. But I couldn’t imagine they’d be fit to eat after having been frozen for two years. Ditto the red snapper filets down-the-hill neighbor gave me summer before last. I tried a couple of those a month or so ago, and KNOW they’d been in the freezer too long. Just that project convinced me I need to have a wholesale freezer-cleaning-out.

OK. Enough goofing off at work. You and y’mama ‘n ’em come on over, and I’ll shake you up a martini, now that I have ice again.


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