April 9, 2011

Busy one coming up….I need to take NS to his orientation for his job and then to get a haircut;  go by the grocery and the liquor store (out of Guinness, got to have some to make the weekly batch of bread), take dog to groomer, then come home and cook. Not sure just yet what the cooking will be; I have a nice pork butt  that I might stick on the grill with coals on either side, to smoke for several hours. In fact, I think that might just be what I do. Then I’ll have barbecue for tonight, and leftover pulled pork for tacos or quesadillas. I was going to do it in the crock-pot, but why not go ahead and do it on the grill?

Grilled burgers last night; not PJF beef, dammit (hoping the CSA will be ready to go soon). I’ve been buying the organic ground beef from Kroger. Better than basic ground beef, but still not great. Not sure if it’s worth the $6.69 a pound they charge for it — a buck more than PJF and they can’t touch the flavor. Sigh. If they don’t get the CSA up and going soon, I’ve got to have me a source for ground beef. Anyway, a burger on the grill is a Good Thing on a warm spring night with a cold beer and some bacon jam.

I was rather proud of a concoction I whipped up Thursday night and failed to write about because I had too much wine and went to bed. I thought I had a meeting Thursday night; turns out it’s NEXT Thursday. So there I was at home with nothing thawed to cook.

I did, however, have leftover meat loaf in the fridge. H’mm, sez I. How about if I take this meat loaf, crumble it up, put it in a sauce with some peas and carrots, and use it as the bottom to shepherd’s pie? So I boiled and mashed some potatos; while they were cooking, I crumbled up the meatloaf (a pastry blender worked quite well for crunching it into small pebbles of meat loaf). Tossed it in a skillet with a dab of oil, sprinkled some flour over it. Threw in a handful or two of frozen peas, and a handful or two of chopped carrots, and poured a cup or so of water over it. Simmered down until it got creamy and the carrots got mostly soft, and transferred it to my pie plate. Topped it with the mashed potatos, baked it for 45 minutes, and there it was.

NS, who is the shepherd’s pie expert in the house, pronounced it excellent. (He did not know it had leftovers in it.) I thought it wasn’t half bad, albeit I’m not a huge shepherd’s pie fan. And I was quite pleased I had found a good use for leftover meat loaf that didn’t look like leftover meat loaf.

In any event, I’m about to fix myself some oatmeal and get ready for my day; will report to you and y’mama ‘n ’em tonight about today’s adventures in the kitchen.


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