Nashvegas, grandbaby, and good food

April 2, 2011

It has been an absolutely delightful day here in Nashville, with Child B, Son-in-law 1, Child C and NS and No. 1 Grandchild. No. 1 Grandchild, of course, ranking tops on the list, but the others are pretty cool, too.

Pfunkily griddling a pancake with Reese's Pieces.

We started things out this morning at Pfunky Griddle, Child B’s very favorite breakfast spot, and a right cool place, at that. Think hibachi grill, except you do your own cooking, sans knives and flashy twirling and such. The tables sport an outer rim of 12 x 12 ceramic tiles that surround a griddle that’s about 12 by 18 — big enough that four people can cook a couple of pancakes at a time. Everyone gets a spatula and a pitcher of batter, or in my case, a bowl of mashed-up, skin-on potatos thinned with a bit of butter and a bit of cream. Everyone orders the add-ins they want. Everyone cooks their own, although I had to cook Child C’s because she contended she doesn’t know how.

Hey, it works.

I am here to tell you: Reese’s Pieces are the bomb when it comes to pancake add-ins. Black olives and cheddar and feta ain’t too bad when it comes to potato cake add-ins. With a very excellent cafe au lait, it was a most exceptional breakfast.

We went from there to the Nashville Farmers’ Market. It’s downtown, in the shadow of the state capitol, and even this early in April, it’s a wonderful thing. They have an international market which leans heavily toward Indian and Thai ingredients; I picked up a tub of huge pitted dates, along with a jar of tamarind concentrate and one of garlic-ginger paste. I can see all sorts of uses turning up for that.

Then we stopped by a cheesemonger, and I got a stunningly marvelous fresh sheep’s milk cheese — like a very, very tangy ricotta — and a washed-rind, clothbound Vermont cheddar. The cheddar went inside the dates, which then got wrapped in Walnut Hill Farms bacon (as did some almond-stuffed dates) and happily snarfed down.

Dates. Bacon. Cheese. Almonds. Goodness.

Walnut Hill Farms (I think that was their name) is the beef and pork purveyor at the market. I splurged on porterhouse steaks, along with the bacon. Stopped at the produce place (none of it local, but still good) and grabbed broccoli and sweet corn. And dinner was steaks, corn on the cob, and roasted broccoli.

Just a fine, fine steak. That's all.

Those steaks. Those were Sweet Baby Jesus steaks. Dry-aged, and I marinated them lightly in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Son-in-law grilled them perfectly. Wonderful flavor, perfectly tender. We had leftover steak, which the kids say they won’t eat; be assured I will take it home and eat it myownself. It’ll be marvelous over a salad, or in a quesadilla, or just sliced thin and added at the last minute to some scrambled eggs. I will most assuredly put it to use.

Last night when we got here, we went out to dinner at South Side Grill, an eatery right at the entrance of the kids’ neighborhood. I had a warm lump crabmeat salad in a lemon/lime viniagrette. It was quite tasty.

Hate to head home tomorrow, but I guess I’ve got to. Dammit. So that’s the cooking for the weekend. And if you and y’mama will excuse me, I’m going to go love on my grandchild.


One Response to “Nashvegas, grandbaby, and good food”

  1. kate Says:

    I want the bacon-almond-cheese thingys next time I come! Please.

    We can do that! I brought back most of the big damn tub of big damn dates. Will score a good hard cheese; I’ve got almonds and bacon.

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