March 25, 2011

I hadn’t really planned a post tonight, as dinner was grilled cheese for NS and wine and cheese and pickles and olives for me. (It would have been burgers if it hadn’t turned back chilly on us.) But I was looking at my stats and I see that this very post is Post No. 500 for this adventure in logorrhea. And I knew if I didn’t go ahead and post tonight, I’d forget about the milestone when time came to post something else, and the milestone would go unmarked.

Milestones ought not go unmarked. I mean, hell, it ain’t that often I get to 500 of anything, at least that I can document.

I certainly had no clue, when I created this thing a little more than two years ago, what events 500 posts would span. I changed jobs…moved….acquired a new son…acquired a grandchild….acquired a Kitchenaid Pro stand mixer…won an international recipe contest…visited a handful of states I’d never visited….survived the loss of my dearest friend, sometime-love-of-my-life and occasional partner-in-debauchery….and learned to cook a host of things I would never have dreamed of trying. Not to mention “meeting” a lot of new cyber-friends in the foodie world.

It’s certainly opened up some new experiences for me, in shopping, in cooking, in combining flavors, in sampling things I’d never have dared sample, in tasting things I’d never have dared taste. The next 500 posts WILL see me using truffles and foie gras in some attempt to reach a new level of decadence. It will NOT see me hit the other end of the scale with chitlins and turnip greens. I didn’t like ’em 30  years ago, and see no reason to expect I’ll like ’em now.

I appreciate you and y’mama ‘n ’em coming along for the ride. Hope you’ll hang with me for the next 500.


2 Responses to “Milestone”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Congratulations – 500 is indeed a milestone to be noted.

  2. Cathe Patton Says:

    Thanks, Kay, for allowing us to travel this journey with you! I love reading your new adventures with food and life! :-)I certainly look forward to the next 500!

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