Not quite up to expectations….

March 10, 2011

I hate it when this happens.

When everyone in the world raves about a recipe. And it’s a pretty simple recipe. And you make it, and it’s just OK, but you want it to be all that and a bag of chips because everyone else raves about it, so why don’t you love it as much as everyone else does?

To assuage my disappointment, I’m giving away stuff, in my first ever blog giveaway. To-wit, I’m giving away this:

Cute, colorful, sharp little things, they are!

Details later.

Anyway. Disappointment. I made mujaddara with spiced yogurt tonight. Now, bear in mind this won a contest on Food 52, and more than 100 comments from folks who made it and loved it, and it’s simple, simple stuff. And it didn’t wow me like it wowed everyone else. I mean, we are not talking Sweet Baby Jesus territory here; we ain’t even getting to angel or saint level.

You cook lentils. You slice and lightly caramelize onions. You cook jasmine rice, and you mix all those together (to let the f lavors marry, the recipe says). I did that. Then you spice your yogurt, a half-cup of same with a half-teaspoon each of cumin, coriander, Aleppo pepper and cinnamon, some mint, some lemon juice, and a little salt.

I did not have the requested fresh mint, of which it said use 3 tablespoons, so I used about one tablespoon of dry. And I did not have a fresh lemon, so I used what I approximated to be as much juice as there would be in a lemon. Apparently their lemons are less juicy than I thought they should be; the stuff was too lemony. And it would have benefitted from the onions being caramelized more.

I’ll try it again with less lemon before I write it off, but right now, it’s firmly in the “Meh” category.

I put the corned beef brisket on in the crock-pot before I left this morning. I actually, I think, cooked the thing TOO long; it was fall-apart, completely beyond slicing even when it got cold. Which is OK, because I’m planning on using it in corned beef hash, for the most part, anyway. And it has an excellent taste. I guess Kroger had ’em on sale in honor of St. Paddy’s Day coming up next week; in any event, I figure it was worth the eight bucks I put in it. I put some leftover mashed potatos I’d made for NS in the fridge tonight, and I will make up some patties with chopped corned beef and potatos, fry them up, and put a fried egg on top of them this weekend for a quick-and-easy version of corned beef hash. 

And so; on to the giveaway. How it is, is, like this. I came home  yesterday and there was a FedEx post-it note on the door and a box next to said door. And I thought, “h’mmm.” Because I wasn’t expecting a package, except one from Amazon, and Amazon doesn’t use FedEx; it uses the good old USPS for most everything I buy.

And I got it inside and opened it, and it was a collection of OXO goodies for, apparently, being a finalist in a Food 52 contest a while back. It was, in fact, the same collection of OXO goodies they sent me the last time I was a finalist. Now, I can always use another cutting board and another wooden spoon, but I can’t say that I need another four paring knives, never mind they’re pretty excellent paring knives. Valued at $20, according to the OXO website, these babies are sharp, have a comfy grip, and making peeling potatos….well, not fun, but not too bad, either.

So I’m sharing the wealth and joining the giveaway bonanza. Just leave me a comment by midnight Sunday telling me whom you’ll have to refrain from stabbing with one of these colorful little babies, should you win them. I’ll put all the commenters into a hat, let Lucy Lu draw a winner, and I’ll ship ’em out to you and y’mama ‘n ’em. Let me hear from you!


4 Responses to “Not quite up to expectations….”

  1. RMJ Says:

    Didn’t have to think about this one for very long. I will definitely have to refrain from stabbing the flu bug. Me thinks someone was very generous and shared that evil bug with me.
    Cute little paring knives. Good luck to all but hope Lucy Lu pulls my name fro the hat!!
    Rose Mary

  2. Pamela Coulter Says:

    OMG it would have to be Mother Freak N Nature with this cold one minute hot the next. everyone getting sick including my granddaughters. So that is my pick for stabbing. Thank you lol

  3. Grace Says:

    Generally, I’m feeling pretty okay about things and haven’t been in much of a stabby mood lately.

    However, since I was just ranting about them yesterday, I would refrain from stabbing the folks that drive down the turn lane for a freaking half mile in front of my work. Anyone trying to make a left out of our parking lot or the gas station next door between about 4:30-5:30 in the afternoon is totally screwed. People! If your aim is turing left at the light it is ILLEGAL to get in the turn lane earlier than where the dashes start! Ugh!

    *brush it off, it’s Friday* Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  4. Whitney Reynolds Says:

    LOL, enter me for the stabbing!

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