February 19, 2011

Well. Here I still am, in the Spa City, waiting on the babymama to call me so I can hit the road to Nashvegas. No contractions yet, though we are feeling “crampy,” she says this morning. I have the dog at the groomer’s, ricotta cheese in the making process, about to make the weekly Guinness Whole Wheat loaf for NS, and somewhere in there I’ve got to pack a bag and get a shower.

First, I’ve got to share this photo with you:

From left, son-in-law A, Child B, Child C, New Son, and Child A. Aren't they gorgeous?

Is that not the finest looking family you’ve ever seen? (Well, except for perhaps your own.) We had portraits done over Christmas (actually, on Christmas Eve morning), by a very talented young photographer who is a college buddy of Child B’s. I just got the results in digital form, so I wanted to share.

Your intrepid blogger.And just because I don’t know that I’ve ever shared my own photo with those of you who don’t already know me — here I am. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Other fragmented facts: I went to WalMart last night and picked up a put-it-together rolling utility cart on which Miz Scarlett is going to live, because she is a heavy somebody. Came home and put it together, unpacked her and put her on it. I’ve figured out how to change the attachments, etc. She’ll take her maiden cruise with the bread here in a bit, as soon as I get the curds scooped off the ricotta so I can use the whey in the bread (I’m so damned sustainable it scares me sometimes).

Now, isn't she a beauty? And her little house isn't too bad, either.

And last night I made a raclette, which, while good, wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, like I thought it would be. I boiled my fingerling potatos, caramelized my onion. Plopped them in a baking dish, as I have no raclette pans nor grill. Added proscuitto and Soria sausage. Grated up my raclette cheese and some Emmenthaler to top it, sprinkled on some nutmeg, and ran it under the broiler.

I think I was involved in conversation and wine-drinking, and left it there too long. I didn’t get the creamy topping I wanted. If I had it to do again, I think I’d melt the cheese separately with maybe a tad of cream, and pour it over.

It did taste good, though, and it made up quickly and served as a respectable Friday night dinner. NS had a meatball sandwich; he wasn’t overly interested in raclette, though I did pull out some of the potatos and mash them for him.

OK. That’s going to have to do it for today. I’ve got lots to do, and miles to go before I sleep. You and y’mama ‘n ’em say a prayer for Child B’s safe childbirthing, and I’ll post photos when my grandchild gets here!


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