Life on fast-forward

February 17, 2011

Would someone please hit the switch and slow things down?

It is a measure of how busy my world has been that the Kitchenaid arrived yesterday. And it’s still riding around in the back seat of my car in its (quite large) box.

It has been a WEEK. And it ain’t over. And now it appears (I will spare you the biological details) that Child B will likely start the process of birthing this baby sometime between tomorrow and Sunday. So it’s highly likely I won’t get much of a trial run out of Miz Scarlett (yes, I’ve named it. What else are you going to going to call a bright red mixer, anyway?) this weekend.

Miz Scarlett actually arrived yesterday. I had a dinner engagement last night for work, so I didn’t bring her in. Tonight, I had an after-work event, came in and collapsed. Plus, I have to go somewhere tomorrow and find a cart on which to put her, because I don’t have room on my kitchen counters, and a rolling cart means she can live in the junk/spare/next-to-the-kitchen room and come out when I need her.

Do y’all KNOW how much I want to get this mixer out and start trying it out? Child B continues to be her usual high-maintenance self. I do love her dearly, but, damn, kid, could you work your timing a little better???

Anyway, if Child B decides to hold off until, say, Sunday, here’s what I’m looking at for the weekend. I’m thinking a raclette for Friday night, as I have raclette cheese on hand, along with some Gruyere and Emmenthaler. I picked up some proscuitto and some sopressata today at the Culinary District to go with some roasted baby fingerling potatoes, and maybe some caramelized onions. I don’t have a raclette grill, but the toaaster oven ought to work.

Saturday I’m making the cheese I haven’t had time to make last Sunday or all week this week. I still have most of a gallon of PJF milk, and another one ordered to pick up Saturday. Hopefully, the Stutzmanns will have tomatos. I should have enough milk to make both mozzarella and ricotta.

And bread. Not sure where I want to start. Sally Lunn? Anadama? Honey wheat? Brioche? Ciabatta? Foccacia? My copy of The Breadmaker’s Apprentice is winging its way here via Amazon. I’ll have to peruse and ponder.

If I get the chance. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em hang with me, here. Eventually I’ll get through a hectic period at work and get this grandchild birthed and the spoiling process started, and I can get back to cookingg.


One Response to “Life on fast-forward”

  1. Kate Says:

    I gotta read psychological stuff about people who name inanimate objects.

    Thinking of you, Cara and Grant. See you before long. Ponies, cheese, wine, and dose of dog “medicine” from Lucy Lu.

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