The beauties of weekend prep

February 1, 2011

Tonight was a cheat. I was SUPPOSED to go to the gym. However, the fact the temp had dropped 31 degrees between the time I went to work and the time I came home was, I thought, likely a Sign From God that I needed to stay my ass at home tonight.

So I did. But I cheated and used the prep from the weekend — pizza dough — to make dinner.

I did a pepperoni-and-mozzarella pizza for NS:

Yup. Pizza. That's what it is, awright.


And for me, there was calzone:

I love you, Mark Bittman. This crust freakin' ROCKS.


This calzone was on the experimental side, and on the whole, was quite good. I’d made some creme fraiche a week or so ago, and after discussing its utility (other than sweetened, over fruit), I decided to try mixing it with some ricotta and using it in calzone. I added some caramelized onions I had kicking around in the fridge, some dried oregano and basil, some grated parmigiano, and some proscuitto. Folded it over (easier than a top and bottom crust!) and baked.

A thing of beauty. I don’t know that I care for the creme fraiche in it; the tang it imparts just isn’t what I wanted here. But the onions and the proscuitto? Yes, ma’am. I contemplated sun-dried tomatos, too, and on reflection, I shoulda tried ’em. Would have been good.

So there’s that. With a glass of Menage a Trois blended red. I can’t complain, long as I don’t have to get out and face the cold until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s the haul from Sunday, ready to put up for later meals:

Clockwise from 12 o'clock high: the pork, the beef tips braised in ancho-coffee sauce, the mac 'n cheese, the braised sweet potatos.


Not pictured are the lentils, because those suckers took about twice as long as I thought they would to get done. I can’t get comfortable with lentils; you never know how long it’s gonna take those little sumbitches to cook. These took well over an hour; I made them with an alteration or two on the Sunday Beans recipe, with orange juice, cumin and chiles, to go with the pernil, and they were not ready to go with the pernil. Which was OK. Pernil was damn fine on its own, albeit I got the mojo sauce too thin.  The braised sweet potatos were excellent, and the mac and cheese was, well, mac and cheese. I put it up in several different containers for ease of after-school snacking and taking to work for lunch.

The beef tips will get shredded later this week and used in quesadillas. The pernil may get pulled, and some ham thawed out, and cubanos made.

And speaking of Caribbean cuisine….I suddenly got hit with a major jones for vaca frita. Gots to get me some round steak.

Annnnndddd….just as I commence to think about Super Bowl munchies….I come to the realization I have scheduled my colonoscopy for the Monday after the Super Bowl. Which means I can’t eat anything Sunday. Or even drink red wine. Will have to make sure I have a Reisling laid in, and cook like a madwoman on Saturday.

Poor time management, that one was. Sigh.

OK. I’m going to go read. You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good, warm evening.


3 Responses to “The beauties of weekend prep”

  1. Whitney Reynolds Says:

    How do you re-heat the mac and cheese, I make homemade (with velveeta, butter, and milk), but never really know how to reheat without drying out (I’m still new at the cooking business, but I’m LEARNING, and I love it!)

    Add a little milk to it (or half-and-half, better yet), cover it and nuke it. Then stir it up. It’ll get right back creamy again.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Next time you have creme fraiche hanging around with nothing to do just send it my way. Not too easy to come by in the tiny midtown Schmucks

    Hell, who buys it? Make that stuff! A half-cup heavy cream, about three heaping tablespoons yogurt, and let it sit out on the counter until it’s as thick as you want. I make it all the time in the summer, sweeten it a little, and use it for a topping for fresh fruit.

  3. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Annnnndddd….just as I commence to think about Super Bowl munchies….I come to the realization I have scheduled my colonoscopy for the Monday after the Super Bowl. Which means I can’t eat anything Sunday.

    Schedule FAIL! 😉

    I’ll go ahead and not do any munchies for Super Bowl (© the National Football League, used w/o permission) Sunday in solidarity with you. Though, since I’ll be actively avoiding the Super Bowl, that’s easy for me. Heheheheheheh….

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