Monday, being Monday

January 24, 2011

Damn. A five-day work week. I’m not sure I can handle this.

No cooking tonight. A refrigerator-full of leftovers, and they wanted Popeyes. It’s not worth arguing about. I’m having wine, will later on have cheese, but I have my priorities.

Is the Hansbrough kid playing for Notre Dame kin to the Hansbrough kid who played for NC and his brother who played for, where was it, Mississippi State? Big tall white boy. However, it IS Notre Dame, mothership of big tall white boys. (If that is a racist statement, I did not intend it to be, and you are obviously looking for something at which to be offended. Get over it.)

I may get ambitious and make myself another caprese salad tonight. Or not. I may get ambitious and brown the ground beef for taco soup tonight. Or not. Tomorrow night is gym night, and I don’t care if it harelips the Pope. (Is that a religiously offensive statement? See above.)

Anyhow, no cooking, no eating to speak of. I’m going to read and go to bed early. You and y’mama ‘n ’em stay out of the way of irascible bloggers.


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