When life, and sports, get in the way of cooking

January 4, 2011

Woooooooo, Pig! Sooooiiiieee! Razorbacks!

OK. Had to set the tone with that. I actually had plans to cook tonight, was going to make calzone from Little Clove’s recipe, had the makings and everything, but didn’t get home until six, and the pizza dough needed 10 minutes to mix and an hour or so to rise, and, well, by that time Arkansas and Ohio State would be playing and cooking — verily, even eating — would NOT be my priority.

So NS cooked himself a DiGiorno pizza, and I made the pizza crust dough, which is still rising, and will refrigerate it, and make the calzone tomorrow night, when I can eat it while watching Memphis State and Tennessee play basketball.

It is, after all, that time of year.

I did get some thin-sliced store-brand bacon to wrap almond-stuffed dates in, and I may yet do that, to have something to snack on during the game. Or I may eat cheese and crackers and drink wine.

Last time I cooked was Sunday evening, when I tried my hand at a shepherd’s pie, which is one of NS’s favorite dishes. I was winging it, as I’d never made one before. He said I got way too many peas in it. I thought I had way too few mashed potatos on top. I will, perhaps, be able to remember those lessons well enough to correct those errors next time.

Last night, I was so traumatized at having had to work on a Monday — first time in damn near a month — that I called Child C, had her pick up NS and meet me at a local restaurant and pub that makes a most excellent Cobb salad. I was feeling the need of something green, and that fit the bill. And then I came home and drank wine.

And now I’m going to watch football. You and y’mama ‘n ’em help me call the Hogs!


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