New Year’s obligations, fulfilled

January 1, 2011

Crappy cell phone pic, but it meets all the New Year's requirements. I am replete.

It is officially 2011. I gots my luck with the black eyed peas; I gots my money with the cabbage; I gots whatever you are supposed to get with the pork.

And I gots my mama’s cranberry salad, just Because I Can. My mama did not make this for 30-odd years, and I did not make it for another 20-0dd, for nothin’. This is good stuff.

This cabbage. You need to make this. This is officially Sweet Baby Jesus cabbage. It comes from Food52 participant Fiveandspice, who terms it “suspiciously delicious cabbage.” She does not lie.

You takes you an onion and two garlic cloves, and chops them fine. You commences to saute them in two tablespoons of butter (OK,so I used more than that. Sue me.) whilst you grates up a tablespoon of fresh ginger, which you adds to the skillet.

Then, while that gets all nice and soft and translucent and fragrant over medium heat, you takes you a medium head of cabbage, you cores it, and you commences to slice it thin, thusly:

Yet another crappy cell phone picture, but you get the idea.

And then you adds that to the skillet and lets it cook away for a while. A while being 20 minutes or so, with the occasional stir to bring the more-cooked stuff up to the top and the less-cooked stuff down next the heat.

And you salts and peppers it to taste, and then you add — are you ready for this? — three quarters of a cup of heavy cream.

Sigh. There ain’t much that ain’t improved by the addition of heavy cream.

You covers it and lets it braise for a while (10 minutes or so), and then you looks at it and thinks, “Well, it ain’t too attractive,” and then you tastes it.

And you swoons.

This? Is some Good Shit. Lord have mercy. I was hard pressed not to eat the whole skillet full.

The pork loin was perfect, as all my pork loins are, as long as I stick with the idiot-proof method — rub, marinate, roast at 350 (or on the grill between two heaps of coals) until the thermometer reads 160, pull it, cover it with foil, wait 10 minutes and slice).

The black-eyed peas benefitted from the breakdown and packaging/freezing of the Christmas ham, as that’s where the scraps went, along with a can of Ro-Tel, some seasoned salt, and some Aleppo pepper. I bought Aleppo pepper at the Culinary District t’other day, and it is my New Best Friend. And I’ve got a hambone for beans, two packages of ham in the freezer, and one in the fridge for sandwiches and such. That was a big damn ham!

And Oklahoma and Connecticut seem to be holding a track meet disguised as a football game. Come on, UConn! (I hates me some Oklahoma.)

All in all, it’s been a pleasant New Year’s Day. Tomorrow is Child B’s birthday. And the next day, I go back to work and commence to try to get back to normal.

When you and y’mama ‘n ’em figure out what day it is, let me know, OK?


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