I remember this room! It’s a kitchen!

December 10, 2010

Yum. Hit the spot. At least two out of three did.

And tonight is the first time I’ve been in mine, other than to grab something out of the fridge or make toast or nuke something, in more than a week.

That’s just wrong.

Jaysus H. Roosevelt Christ, y’all. This has been a WEEK! And I am some kind of proud that it is over and I survived, and I finally had time to go to the liquor store and restock on red wine, and I have, for the first time in more than a week, not One Damn Thing I have to do tonight, and I have not even turned on the television but am listening to Eric Clapton blasting out of the Bose.

Life’s looking up. Particularly as I had comfort food for dinner.

Well, sorta. I made myself potato salad, which is what I make for myself when I want to treat myself and make me feel like I’m all comfy and warm and snuggled and stuff. And I warmed up red cabbage from, errr, almost two weeks ago, because I love it and I felt like it.

And I made Scotch eggs because I’ve always wanted to make Scotch eggs, and, well, I could. So I did.

I will note, however, that I have not actually eaten said eggs yet. Because I made chicken apple sausage to encase them, and I got a bit carried away with the sausage, so it was a little thick. And when I fried it, it didn’t get done all the way through, a fact I noticed after I cut one into wedges and shot the above photo. So I wrapped the cut egg in foil, set the uncooked egg beside it on its own sheet of foil, and stuck ’em in the toaster oven for a further 15 minutes at 350.

I ain’t eatin’ no raw chicken.

So I ate three helpings of potato salad (and may go in a minute and get a fourth, because, see above, I can), and the red cabbage, and drank wine, and life looks better.

I also got to play with new kitchen stuff, because my latest bounty from Food 52 came in:

Goodies! Sharp things, stirring thing, cutting board. Love it!

There’s a Viking carving set that’s quite impressive looking; a set of really happy OXO primary-colors paring knives (OK, there are only three primary colors, and green ain’t one of ’em; deal with it. Critic.), OXO cutting board and big heavy wooden spoon.

I can testify to the paring knives, having already bloodied my thumb with the yellow one while peeling potatos. Can’t break in a knife without bleeding on it.
I will detail the Scotch eggs later, if I get around to sampling them, as I am currently pretty full from the three helpings of potato salad and the red cabbage.
Meanwhile, a serious moment to explain a bit about my week. I have told you about NS. What I may NOT have told you is that he is bipolar and has Asperger’s Syndrome. While I was off gallivanting about Georgia, he had a depression episode. Acting long-distance on advice from the mental health people, I authorized his admission to the psych hospital for an evaluation. He’s still there, will likely be there until Monday.
Depression is not an easy thing to deal with when someone you love has it. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to deal with if you suffer from it yourself. NS is going to be OK. This is a bump in the road that we’ll get past. And it’s one I damn well hope we don’t have to repeat.
You and y’mama ‘n ’em take a minute to give an encouraging word to someone in your circle who deals with mental illness, either their own or a loved one’s. Encouraging words are worth a lot, weeks like this.

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