Greetings from Et-lanna

December 4, 2010

I’m perched in a wonderfully comfy bed in the W hotel in downtown Atlanta. Going to the SEC Championship game (like I give a rat about Auburn vs. South Carolina, except for the fact that an Auburn win will put Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, and that’s a Good Thing), where our state ED team will entertain some 60 people in one of the supersuites.

Have I told you I love my job?

Anyway, game’s not until like 4:00 or something, so I have the morning to laze around. I contemplated ordering room service breakfast, and may yet. May get out and do some shopping. May just lounge here in the hotel and be insufferably lazy. But I did want to tell you about dinner last night.

We wanted somewhere different, somewhere away from downtown a bit. I’ve always loved the Virginia Highland area of Atlanta, so I got on my handy phone browser and found Murphy’s, which I actually remembered from the last time I was in Virginia Highland. Five of us went, and it was delectable!

The appetizers were uneventful — flatbread with figs, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar, and a cheese plate (which did have a really nice blue that paired marvelously with cranberry relish. But the entrees….oh, the entrees!

I had Guinness-braised brisket over horseradish mashed potatos. It was warm and loving and just the essence of comfortable. Succulent, tender beef, great rich flavor, falling apart in my mouth. The green beans were forgettable — I moved them to the side — but the steamed carrots had a nice gingery tang that I enjoyed. It was a dish that just takes you in its arms and hugs you and makes you glad you ordered it.

We’re a sharing group, so I had one of another diner’s diver scallops — excellent, cooked with a lovely little sear just like scallops should be. The shrimp and grits another diner had were excellent, as was the big slab of broiled salmon from the fourth plate at the table.

We shared dessert, too. There was an apple-cranberry crumble, a key lime and coconut pie, a toll house pie and a bourbon pecan pie with molasses ice cream. Star of the show? The molasses ice cream, without a doubt. I’ve got to try that.

But right now, I believe I’ll amble downstairs and try breakfast. You and y’mama ‘n ’em pull for Auburn today.


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  1. […] time, I had the brisket, which was a lovely, homey meal I described here as “warm, loving and the essence of comfortable.” Don’t know that I can top that […]

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