Thanksgiving Saturday

November 27, 2010

One more day left on this eGullet foodblog. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m ready for it to be over. It’s almost….tiresome, documenting everything you cook and eat. You, faithful readers, get what’s worth writing about, and it may be food, or it may not.

Plus, I still feel out of my league with that group. I don’t do molecular gastronomy. I have never cooked squid. I don’t make my own pasta (hell, I do well to make my own pizza crust). And while what I cook is pretty damn good, it’s not, at least on a regular basis, haute cuisine.

Oh, well. I guess I held my own. You can read, here:, and see if you agree.

On the other hand, I can proudly post for y’all this photo of Child C (oops; that would be Child B, as a reader pointed out. I never called ’em by their right names when I had ’em at home, either) and Son-in-Law, with the precious little basketball which will be, in about three months, Granddaughter No. 1.

Is that not the cutest little pregnant woman you ever saw?

And no, she is not a teen mother. She’s 24, or will be when McCallan gets here in February.

The little shit. I never looked like that when I was pregnant. I just looked fat.

Although, by God, I did go to lunch in my first-ever pair of  “skinny” jeans, tucked into my brand-new boots, both courtesy of Black Friday, and I personally thought I looked relatively hot, for a middle-aged broad! I’m still bemused by being able to wear anything that has “skinny” stamped inside the waistband, personally, but I’ll not quarrel with it.

We ate at Maddie’s Place in Little Rock, down off Cantrell not far from Riverfront Park. Phenomenal Cajun/Creole food. I had shrimp and cheese grits, in an andouille sausage reduction (they make their own Andouille there).  Son-in-Law had a bowl of the chicken-Andouille gumbo, and prounounced it fine. His mother had fried oyster salad because, she said, she was feeling the lack of green stuff in her diet over the holiday. The rest of us had shrimp and grits. We know a good thing when we see it on a menu.

Speaking of green things….why is it there are so few green things on T’giving menus? I was looking at my photos from Thursday, and it occurred to me it was a very autumnal-looking meal — orange and brown. I mean, it makes you figure you’ve GOT to cook the canonical green bean casserole (though I DID make a homemade version — no Campbell’s Cream o’Mushroom for me, thankyewverymuch) to keep your guests from dying of scurvy or something.

Anyway, posting will be back to what passes for normal, next week. Meanwhile, you and y’mama ‘n ’em help me pull the Hogs through in the second half, wouldja?


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