Saturday doings

November 20, 2010

See? A lovely thing, it is. Tasty, too.

Well, it’s been a busy day. I’m mostly ready to cook for Thanksgiving, albeit I have to go back to the grocery Wednesday and pick up fresh green beans, because I forgot ’em, and the stuff for the Reuben chowder that I’m going to make sometime over the weekend, because I forgot that, and the red cabbage for the weekend’s sauerbraten, because I forgot that, too.

But none of that is critical to Thanksgiving dinner, for which I think I have everything I need, barring the Valhrona chocolate, which I should’ve bought at the Culinary District when I was in there twice this week, but I’ll eat lunch in there at least once next week anyway.

And just because I felt like breakfast-for-dinner, because I did, it was quiche and a sweet potato latke.

I know it looks like a burger or a salmon croquette. Trust me. It's sweet potatos.

And I am apparently afflicted with a case of the ague, because it seems my hand was shaking when I took this and therefore it is woefully out of focus. You’ll get over it.

Anyway, this was good, the quiche, particularly. I’d been out of PJF sausage for a while, a condition I remedied this morning with a stop off at the Farmers Market. So this is a minimalist quiche, with eggs and sausage and cheese (sheep’s milk from PJF and sharp cheddar from Kroger). Period, the end. The sausage gives it all the seasoning it wants. It had about six eggs, about a cup and a half of cheese, about a cup of browned sausage. I didn’t even use a pie crust, a habit I got into when I was cooking quiche for the gluten-intolerant Child B.

The latkes? Meh. I think I have a relatively poor batch of sweet potatos, never mind I got them at the Farmers Market. They’re not real flavorful. I grated two potatos,  punched them up with some cinnamon and a little nutmeg, added an egg and a couple of tablespoons of flour and fried them. Oh, and I nuked the grated raw potato for two minutes, first.

I was hoping for something worthwhile for submittal to the Food 52 current contest on potato pancakes. These left some to be desired, and have instilled in me a deep longing to make the honest-to-God number, which I plan to do sometime over the holiday weekend. With Scotch eggs, since I have never made a Scotch egg and I want to try them. And just for sheer cute factor, I want to use quail eggs in the Scotch eggs; CD has them, and I will be splurging on a package.

Otherwise, I picked up some cherry tomatos at the Farmers Market, and had some crookneck yellow squash in the fridge that was about to go south on me. So I roasted both those, and have them in the fridge; I think they’ll make some kind of gratin tomorrow. And I’m caramelizing a boat-load of onions in the crockpot, because I’ll need them in the dressing and in the green beans and in lots of other stuff over Thanksgiving, and they’re just a damn fine thing to have in your freezer anyway. So they’ll be right by about noon tomorrow.

I may even make a trial run on some yeast bread/rolls tomorrow, just to make sure Miss Mary Loyd Young’s bread recipe is still as foolproof as it ever was. Not that I expect a failure; that’s a fine, fine bread/roll recipe (albeit it makes a bit too soft a loaf for light bread, but it’s so damn good, who cares? I’m thinking I might make rolls, plus some cinnamon rolls that I might bake and take to work Monday morning.

Elsewhere in the Thanksgiving prep world, I got my turkey, a 14-pounder, which is way more turkey than I need. I was going to go to Whole Foods and get myself an organic turkey breast, figuring I didn’t need the whole damn bird. But I got to Kroger, and there were their Honeysuckle Whites, for a mere 37 cents a pound with your Kroger card and $10 purchase. Well, shee-it. I can’t be turning that down, and besides, then I don’t have to drive to the Rock. We’ll try organic, free-range turkey next year, we promise. I’ve already told Ed from PJF that I want one.

Found fresh cranberries — I was about to start sweating that. I’ll make a double recipe of cranberry salad, so’s to have plenty to send home to the children, as the two who are not here with me are the cranberry salad fiends. Also got a couple of extra bags, as there’s a recipe out there on Food 52 for a Cranberry Molasses Steamed Pudding, which just sounds too damn good not to try, and one for cranberry pumpkin bread, which sounds like it has real promise for Christmas gifting, so I have to try that. (I did, however, forget the Jello for the salad. Put that one on the go-back-and-get-it list.)

Tomorrow, I’ll probably make the cornbread for the dressing, so it can be getting stale. Too early yet to make pies; I’ll likely do that Wednesday.  I may make my brandied chicken liver pate, and possibly the fig-and-olive tapenade. Am also contemplating getting some corn shucks and using some of the pumpkin butter to make pumpkin ricotta tamales. Just because. Or try to figure out something else to do with ricotta and pumpkin butter, because those two tastes would just be totally the bomb together.

I’ll have to ponder on that. Meanwhile, I got to go pull the Hogs through against those cowbell-ringers. You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a fine Saturday night.


One Response to “Saturday doings”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Um. You wouldn’t be out of PJF sausage if you wouldn’t keep sending me home with it.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you…. 😉

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