A serious case of nerves

November 18, 2010

And I’ll tell you all about THAT in a bit.

No cooking tonight. I worked late, wasn’t hungry because I’d had a big lunch, so I got the kid Sonic, which seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me, but he appeared thrilled with it.

So instead of food, you get scenery, from an excursion I took as a business trip (OK, with a side jaunt) t’other day:

Scenic beauty for the day. The stop restored my soul.

OK. Nerves. Next Monday, I begin my week-long stint as food blogger for the eGullet site, where a number of the members are taking turns blogging a week of their gastronimic/culinary experiences.

I am so freakin’ outclassed.

Last week’s blogger did astounding dishes that included a whole fish, a Bakewell tart (which I just MUST try), twice-cooked pork, and a ton of other succulent-looking, beautifully presented dishes. This week’s guy does molecular gastronomy and fancy cocktails. Many members of this community are chefs and other food professionals.

I don’t know from squat about molecular gastronomy. A fine cocktail is a vodka martini or a good single-malt on the rocks. I cook….well, simple stuff. Mostly. With occasional forays into the adventurous.

So what am I going to present to this audience that so far outpaces my skills?

Monday is the intro, and I’ll probably have something for which I did the prep on Sunday.

Tuesday will be a soup/slow cooker night.

Wednesday, likely nibbles or soup-and-sandwich, while I’m doing Thanksgiving prep.

Thursday, the feast. Turkey, dressing, mac and cheese (kids’ request), green bean casserole, cranberry salad, barley pilaf (Child C’s request), roasted carrots, yeast rolls, pumpkin pie, perhaps chocolate pots de creme, perhaps something else, cranberry salad.

Friday. Leftovers. Recycled turkey in some form (turkey chili? turkey tetrazzini? turkey spaghetti? turkey WTF?).

Saturday. Pork loin. For the sake of doing something other than turkey.

Sunday. Sauerbraten, red cabbage, German potato salad. Because I feel like it.

I’ll throw in a few breakfast specialties, a fancy appetizer/munchy or two, a couple of lunches, and call it done. Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself.

Good lunch today (notice the neat segue into a completely separate topic). Went to the Cheese Corner, my favorite local deli (or one of ’em), and settled upon a three-way salad, which includes a scoop of tuna or chicken salad, a fruit salad, and a choice of side salads. I went with tuna, for which I’d been mildly jonesing and just hadn’t gotten off my butt to make, and opted for deviled eggs (an egg and a half). ‘Twas quite wonderful. First meal I’ve been able to eat all of in a long time, which gives me hope I’m about to be past the residual effect of this gawdforsaken stomach bug. Tomorrow, I may see what the Culinary District is offering as it soup o’ the day. It was mushroom yesterday; for the first time, I was underwhelmed.

Anyway, that’s the name of that tune. You and y’mama ‘n ’em got any great ideas for me to wow the crowd next week, lemme know.


One Response to “A serious case of nerves”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Heck, I just realized I could post ta comment here without registering!

    You did fabulous on your food blog!!!

    I’m really enjoying YOUR blog here, too!

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