Yes, I’m here

November 10, 2010

After a fashion. It’s been a bee-yotch of a week, and this is the first night I’ve been home before 9:30, and I’m about to go to bed but I thought I’d reassure my adoring public.

Hey, leave me my illusions, wouldja? M’mm h’mm. Thank you. Drive through.

Finally about to shuck the lingering yuckies of the stomach bug, after damn near a week. Have managed to eat a couple of decent meals out, about which I am too tired to blog just now. So you and y’mama ‘n ’em carry on with your regularly scheduled programming, and I’ll try to do something wonderfully tasty and creative and delicious here in a few days.


2 Responses to “Yes, I’m here”

  1. Sharon Says:

    yep there is an adoring public

  2. Len Cleavelin Says:

    All what? Three of us?

    But hey, that’s a legitimate a power base as any. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all.


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