Two days of ick

November 6, 2010

I guess I could post about what I’d like to be cooking, if anything sounded good. But I’m coming out the far side — I sincerely hope — of a vicious round of stomach virus, and was a little while ago able to ingest my first semi-solid food in two days, and while I’m so hungry my stomach aches, nothing really sounds good.

It hit me Thursday night, laid me low on Friday, and has begun to let up just a bit today. And it came on when I was just before coming home and cooking, in advance, some breakfast goodies to take to work on Friday. (We do staff meetings on Fridays, and occasionally one of us will take the notion to cook. Guess they did without, this Friday, or ordered out.)

I was going to make pumpkin butter, hopefully of some similarity to that marvelous stuff they made at the Culinary District and were handing out samples at the Farmers Market last week. I found several recipes, all of which called for pumpkin, apple juice, spices, cooking until thick. If I can get even close to that ethereal concoction they made, I’ll be a Happy Woman. I was going to serve that with bran muffins with walnuts, and just for good measure, was going to do the old faithful Little Smokies wrapped in a half a canned biscuit, because? Those babies are just hard to beat.

So perhaps I will do that next Friday.

Oh, dear. Florida and Vandy are Not Even Funny. 41-zip, and it’s barely the second half. I’m currently watching Michigan and Illinois, not that I care, but what’s the point in the other one? Next up on my sporting agenda today — LSU and Bama sometime midafternoon, Zenyatta racing in the Breeder’s Cup at 5:45, and Arkansas and South Carolina at 6.

I believe I will peruse the fridge and try to figure out what else I perhaps can eat. You and y’mama ‘n ’em stay away from the stomach flu.


One Response to “Two days of ick”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    Gonna make the pumpkin butter for Thanksgiving? 😀

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