Triumph in teen-pleasing

October 26, 2010

Ran another new one in on NS tonight. The weekend’s pot roast evolved into vegetable beef soup.

Shades of Mikey! He LIKED it! It was, he said, “nom-licious.” I have learned that this has its linguistic roots in some cartoon or video game character who, when enjoying a particularly good bite to eat, remarks, “Om nom nom.”

Who knew?

Leftover pot roast is absolutely essential to making good vegetable soup. This was a particularly large roast, as I thought I was feeding more people than I was, so I wound up with an extra chunk of beef that can go into roast beef and gravy over mashed potatos one of these evenings. I do love a multi-purpose piece of meat.

Shut up. And get your freakin’ mind out of the gutter.

Anyway, here’s how you make kick-ass vegetable soup from your leftover pot roast. You will need:

  • About 2 cups cubed/shredded beef from the pot roast. You can use more, or less, depending on what you have. I probably had four cups, so I saved half of it.
  • Whatever leftover potatos and carrots are in the pot roast.
  • All the leftover au just that’s congealed in the baking dish.
  • 3 15-oz cans of petite diced tomatos
  • a dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • a dash of Tabasco or whatever hot sauce floats your boat
  • 16-oz bag of frozen mixed veggies. Or two, if you want more veggies. Your call.

While you are bleary-eyed in your robe at 6 a.m., cube/shred the beef, and cut the potatos and carrots into smaller chunks. Throw it in your slow cooker. Dump in the tomatos, and shake a dash or two or Worcestershire and a dash and a half or so of hot sauce in. Add the bag of mixed veggies. Turn the crock pot on low and go to work. (It is advisable to proceed with the normal shower/dress/makeup routine prior to this step.) Dinner is served when you get home, or whenever you get around to grilling you a good grilled cheese sammich (butterkase and sharp cheddar, tonight, on sourdough) to go with it.

You will note that I have not instructed you to add salt and/or pepper to the slow cooker at 6 a.m. This is partly due to your bleary-eyed state; I promise you, you do NOT want me salting anything at that hour of the morning. It is also due to the fact that the roast, the veggies and the au jus have already been seasoned, and may, just may, season your soup as much as you want. Taste it when you get home; add salt and pepper, or more hot sauce, or whatever strikes your fancy, then.

It goes well with red wine. Very little does not. Which, btw, brings me to my next topic:

Screw Top Wine.

This is not a pejorative reference to top wine, either. It is, quite literally, in reference to wine that comes in a bottle from which the top screws on and off, as opposed to a cork. Or a plastic, increasingly, these days.

Anyway. I was out of red wine, an increasinly frequent occurrence at my house as we get out of beer drinking weather and into wine-drinking weather. Went down to the local liquor store, was thrilled to learn they have begun carrying Apothic blended red, and perused the five-buck rack to see if they had any more of that Butterfield Station pinot noir, which was damn fine wine for five bucks.

They did not. They did have Robert Mondavi Wildcreek Canyon Merlot, of which I bought a bottle. Before getting it home and discovering it was a screwtop. Now, I’m not a cork snob; it’s just that screwtops make me think of the wines of my youth…..Mad Dog 20-20….Boone’s Farm….Annie Greensprings….and oh, if you were REALLY feeling classy and going out on a hot date for a fancy dinner — Mateus! (And you took the bottle back to your dorm room, and burned candles in it so the wax would drip down all over it, and you were Way Cool.)

Don’t laugh. You know you were there.

Anyway, the Mondavi ain’t bad. It’s definitely worth five bucks. It’s a reasonable table wine. Doesn’t have a lot of depth or complexity to it, but, hey, whaddya want for five bucks?

We still have not found the camera. I’m highly puzzled at this turn of events. If you and y’mama ‘n em see it anywhere, would you call me?


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