Cooking, shopping, errand-running, movie-going

October 23, 2010

Well, I’d post a picture of dinner, except I can’t find my camera. And, upon reflection, don’t think I’ve seen my camera since I got back from Arizona. I’m pretty sure I got it back from Arizona, but I don’t rightly remember.

I’m confused. Which is not an unusual situation.

It’s been a full day. Made a mad dash to the grocery this morning for cream and bacon and made a stop by Ambrosia for challah so we could have French toast and bacon. Which we did, and it was some fine stuff. Then made a multi-purpose trip to the farmer’s market (next to last weekend), the dog groomer, and the grocery. Stocked up on protein at the grocery, and forgot to get cooking oil and paper towels, thus necessitating a return trip tomorrow, but that’s OK.

They had English roast on sale at the grocery, which is some variant of the chuck/shoulder roast, which was a Good Thing, as I was jonesing for pot roast, which is now resting in the roasting pan on the stove, waiting for me to help myself to a plate of it. And I would show you a picture, but, y’know, I can’t. And they had country ribs, which occurred to me should be a wonderful base for posole. And they had chicken tenders for 97 cents a pound, so I had to get a couple packages of those, because, well, y’know, because. So we’re set for meat for the next couple weeks, which is a Good Thing, as my friend Ed the PJF guy was not at the farmer’s market this morning, where I was planning on getting some sausage because I have let myself run out of same. Oh, well. I guess I’ll be out until next week. We’ll live.

So. Pot roast. I sprinkled the roast down with salt, pepper, and Spade L Ranch beef marinade rub. Seared it good on both sides, took it out, dumped in onions, poured in a cup or so of red wine. Reduced that down by half or more. Put the roast back in, added potatos, carrots and beef broth, stuck it in the oven for Five Freaking Hours at 300 degrees. (It was damn near a four-pound roast; I decided to err on the side of overcooking, because, well, it’s hard to overcook a pot roast.)

It’s primo. I mean, you just can’t beat this stuff. And there WILL be vegetable beef soup this week, I don’t freaking CARE if it’s still 80 at 2 p.m. every day. Watch as I ignore global warming in the name of cooking fall food whether it feels like fall or not.

The other beef roast (they were in a twin pack, on big-time sale) will become either (a) carbonnades a la flamande; (b) sorta-kinda sauerbraten, to be accompanied by red cabbage and German potato salad, or (c) something else. I also found a recipe for a beef stew that features butternut squash, which just looked freakin’ intriguing, so I may have to try that. But it will have to wait, as it is behind posole and red beans and rice on my to-do fall food list. (Must get my red beans and rice chops in good working order, because when Child B births this young’un, and I go up there to take care of her and the kid for a week or so, it WILL be necessary for me to make that for her at least once. If not more.)

Remainder of the day has been given over to the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, which one of the gems this community offers, and the inclement-weather-delayed Arkansas-Ole Miss game, which I was able to watch Arkansas win over a glass of Rodney Strong pinot noir in the Arlington lobby bar, which is a Fine Thing. Woooo, Pig! Sooiiee!

I’m going to have myself some pot roast. You and y’mama ‘n ’em keep an eye out for my camera.


One Response to “Cooking, shopping, errand-running, movie-going”

  1. Sharon Says:

    The title has a certain familiar cadence. Maybe like gun totin’ bible readin’ truck drivin’ political ads. I wish they would go back to kissin’ babies.

    But really, pot roast and a glass of wine in the lobby bar savoring a win – that is too much good stuff in one day.

    NEVER too much good stuff in a day! But perhaps I have listened too much to the gun totin’ bible readin’ truck drivin’ ads. They’re pretty hard to avoid.

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