Travelin’ update

October 5, 2010

Nothing of note, culinarily, in the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia, except the fact that this morning, a breakfast of a yogurt, fruit and granola parfait, a latte and a bottle of juice ran me well north of 17 bucks. The nicest hotel in Virginia does not come cheap. Other food has been mediocre, but damn, the scenery is fine.

Other notes from the trip:

Coming back from Lexington last night, a bear crossed the road in front of us. Whereupon I had to break into several lines of Jimmy Buffett, to wit, “And that was when I first saw the bear. He was a Kodiak-lookin’ fella, about 19 feet tall. He came up over that ridge expecting me to do one of two things: flip or fly. I didn’t do either one, and it hung him up.”

I can, when urged, quote every word of that monologue.

Otherwise: I love small towns. We pull up to a convenience store in McDowell, Virginia. Go in, get cokes and snacks, hit the bathroom. Cashier says, “So y’all are from Ohio?” “No, the rental car is from Ohio. We’re from Arkansas.” “Oh. Good.”

And I knew what she meant, and shared that sentiment wholeheartedly.

The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has some of the most purely gorgeous country I believe I have ever seen in my life. Makes me highly dislike General R.M.T. Hunter for decimating it in 1864. It, however, has recovered. He is dead. There is some justice out there somewhere.

Tell y’mama ‘n ’em I’ll be home tomorrow evening. Y’all take care.


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