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September 30, 2010

Basil is a forgiving thing:

This was my basil after I forgot to water it for an unconscionable length of time.


And this was my basil the next day, after a good dousing.

Nothing forgives you like basil. Neglect it, abuse it, cut its leaves off and chiffonade them (I have learned to chiffonade basil, thankyewverymuch). Forget to water it. Just get to it before the leaves get crunchy dry and turn brown, soak it down good, and it pops right back, ready to love you some more.

It’s better than a damn dog. And it doesn’t pee in the floor or bark at the garbage truck.

This pot of basil has given me many a wonderful caprese salad this summer; many a tasty batch of tomato sauce. It’s my friend. It’s the only reason I’m sad to see fall approach. I’m going to nurse it along until the first frost, and then I’m going to make a big ol’ batch of pesto.


Elsewhere in the culinary pantheon today — I’m going to make my first Italian Cream Cake tomorrow. It’s a friend’s birthday, and he’s requested Italian Cream Cake. So I’m going to make it tomorrow night, hopefully. I will update y’all.

I was going to do pasta e lenticchie tonight, but I wasn’t hungry, and quite frankly, just didn’t have the energy. So I ordered pizza for NS, and I’m contemplating a glass of Grayson Cellars pinot noir. Good wine.

Two other good new wines I’ve tried recently:

  • Apothic Red, a blended red table wine. Kate had it when I was over there recently. Haven’t found it around here; must go look at the only big liquor store I haven’t tried. I like blends, because they’re usually fruit-forward with low tannins, without being Kool-Aid-y. Apothic has a lot of berry flavors, and a touch of leather.
  • promisQous, another blended red. I really like this one.  A little bit of cherry, a little bit of smoke, a little bit of honey. Really complex, but good.

The Grayson Cellars pinot is good, too; nice structure for a pinot. It’s a wine I’d serve when I knew it was all going to be poured the night it was opened, though; it doesn’t hold as well as some others. I think that may be characteristic of a pinot.


In the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and advancing age” department: went for a physical that my new doctor demanded, today. Waiting on lab work, but I appear healthy. Unfortunately, as I am reaching that “certain age,” he wants me to do all these other things — a mammogram, a colonoscopy, a bone density scan, et cetera. Shee-it. Is getting old worth it?  I mean, Jaysus. Bone density? Take me now, Lord.


Tamales for lunch today. We are blessed with some fine Mexican restaurants around here, I am here to tell you. These were from Taco Mama.


The fact that it’s getting chilly in the evenings and I’m indulging in good red wine again makes me want to go back to Whole Foods and sample the cheese counter. What it REALLY makes me want to do is go to Lucchesi’s in Memphis and nibble my way through Alyce Mantia’s cheese selection. And go to the Middle Eastern Market and get lots of different kinds of olives.

Enough. I’m going to read and watch football. Pasta e lenticchie tomorrow, maybe, y’all. Meanwhile, you and y’mama ‘n ’em have a fine Friday.



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