Weekend breakfasts

September 26, 2010

Here are two:

French toast -- my prizewinning, soon-to-be-published recipe!

Bacon, egg and bran muffin. With walnuts. And lots o' butter

I love to cook breakfast.  It’s probably my favorite meal to cook, which may explain why I don’t cringe at entertaining a crowd for brunch but quail at the prospect of a dinner party for six. Including me. (Well, I cook dinner for six all the time, but as it’s kids, I don’t quail at that. I merely quail at the clean-up.)

It was two old standbys this weekend. En route to the farmers’ market Saturday, I stopped by a local bakery and snagged a loaf of challah (plus a half-dozen coconut macaroons; cook’s perk), then came home and made French toast. Simplicity in itself: beat eggs with cream, slice the bread about an inch thick, douse it in the mixture, fry it on a griddle with butter. Can’t beat it.  As attested by the fact it beat out 27 other entrants to win the Food 52 French Toast competition back in the spring, and thus will be Published In A Real Live Cookbook. (Pardon me while I brag.)
Two caveats: One, do not be bringing any half and half or whole milk or even partial milk up in here for this dish. It REQUIRES heavy cream, and if your diet does not accommodate that, well, I hate it for you. And Two, do not substitute some other bread besides challah. I don’t care if you have to join a synagogue to get it, get you some challah before you try to make this, or you will have only moderately decent, extremely average French toast. Oh, and don’t be slicing that challah any thinner than an inch. You can go an inch and a half if you want, but then you want to soak the bread a few minutes, rather than just dipping it.
And then there’s bran muffins. I personally prefer mine with figs and walnuts, but NS did not care for the figgy ones, so I catered to him and just did walnuts. I have discovered I can toast walnuts by sticking them on a sheet of foil in my toaster oven and turning it to medium toast. Works like a charm. I posted the recipe for these back in the fall of ’09 somewhere, I think; search “bran muffins” and you’ll find it. Add to them a fried egg and a couple pieces of bacon, and you’re good to go for a Sunday.
In between, we had the usual Saturday burgers, but I was not in burger mode, so I made myself a deconstructed burger:

All the makings. None of the carbs. And a sorry photo, to boot.

I was not feeling carb-ish, chiefly, I guess, because I had been drinking beer all afternoon while watching the ballgame, and was pretty much carbed out. And I’m damned if I know what occurred with that photo, except an absolute absence of natural light because, well, it had gotten dark.

Anyway, I took my burger, topped it with a few blobs of spicy brown mustard, dished myself up some slaw, sliced a tomato, topped it with fresh mozzarella, olive oil and basil, and called it dinner. And discovered that tomatos are past their prime, no matter I did get them at the market that very morning, and that the mozzarella had remained in the fridge past the point it could be called fresh. Dammit. But the burger and the slaw were good.
This evening, we are looking at pork tenderloin in Jezebel sauce, because I was reading a thread on Jezebel sauce on eGullet yesterday, along with fresh veggies — corn, okra (yes, Sharon, fried okra!), maybe a squash casserole for a change, and zucchini fritters. You and y’mama ‘n ’em come ahead on, there’ll be plenty.

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  1. Melissa Says:

    By God, I’ve never felt non-carbish in my life. I wish it would happen to me.

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