Random Saturday musings

September 25, 2010

There is no recession.

I know this because at least $10,000 worth of these babies passed through my hot little hand last night as I was working at the beer tent at the Legends Balloon Rally in Hot Springs.

It’s one of the many cool things they do here. It’s a hot air balloon rally — I think they had maybe eight of ’em, maybe more — and they bring in a couple of name acts to do free concerts and they sell beer at four bucks a can.

Last night was Clint Black. I am no huge Clint Black fan — not a country music fan in general, unless you get back before about 1974 or so — but I would not have figured Clint Black to draw a big beer-drinking audience. I would have figured wrong. These were some beer-drinking fools out there last night. The fact the weather was perfect could have had something to do with that.

Tonight is Charlie Daniels. I shudder to think of how much beer may be consumed then.


It’s Saturday. That means there will be burgers tonight. Went to the Farmers’ Market today for the first time in weeks, and picked up tomatos, corn, okra, purple hulled peas, yellow squash, zucchini. I may do veggies and pork chops tomorrow night, just because. Or I may use the last of that pork tenderloin that’s residing in the fridge that needs to be used up.

Interesting okra, too. It’s Star of David, a very fat okra with deep grooves and big ridges; looks like a star when you cut it, the guy says. Says it’s a Middle Eastern heirloom okra variety. Well, OK. I’m down with that.

Am also thinking pineapple upside down cake tomorrow. I have this dish of pecan-brown sugar stuff that came along with a catered lunch that included broiled chicken breasts, and it was supposed to be a glaze on the chicken (er…..didn’t work so hot). So, as there was a boatload of it left, I figured I’d put it to use with a pineapple upside down cake. Ya think?

And pimento cheese, should I get that ambitious. It is yet to be determined if I get that ambitious or not.


This afternoon at 2:30 — THE game. That would be No. 10 Arkansas hosting No. 1 Alabama for what should effectively be the SEC West championship, never mind there’s well over half a season to go. The Hogs probably ought not to win….but they very well might. I will be ensconsced in front of the TV and Will Not Move for the duration of the game, except during commercials. Woooo, Pig! Soooiiee!

My Tennessee friends will note I have done a fair-to-middlin’ job of converting to a Razorback over the past 30-odd years, although I do still love the Vols. It’s just that, well, they suck this year.

When basketball season rolls around, though, be assured I will be in blue and gray, loving me some Memphis Tigers.

OK. Time to get up here and feed chillun. You and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy this pretty fall Saturday.



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