Ain’t cookin’ tonight

September 13, 2010

Yeah, it’s liquid dinner again. Deal with it.

NS has meatballs and provolone and Italian bread. He is a happy camper. No one else is here. I have vodka tonic. Life is good.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em come see me tomorrow, when I’m thinking it’s lemon chicken with sage, a recipe I just found and think I will love. Besides, I have fresh sage. Can you say the same? I thought not.

Have a nice evening, now, y’hear?


4 Responses to “Ain’t cookin’ tonight”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I have fresh sage. Didn’t try the sissy tri-color kind this year but went with what my grandmother used to grow that would live through the winter and turn into a big sage bush. However, some insect has had a feast on the sage and it is quite full of holes.

  2. Toy Lady Says:

    I have a big sage bush. Actually, it’s probably a couple of sage bushes that have, um, joined forces. They’re fighting with the ridiculous tarragon forest. . . though the garlic chives keep sending cute little flowers up through that mess.

    Lemon chicken with sage, huh?

    ME: I just envy you keeping your tarragon alive. I discovered mine doesn’t take well to not being watered for longer than it ought to go. Will report on the lemon chicken with sage.

  3. littleclove Says:

    I have sage, too! Kay, I’m looking forward to your lemon chicken. Don’t know what to do with my sage before the first frost in Chicago sets in.

    All I can think of is pork sausage stuffing with turkey and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!


  4. kayatthekeyboard Says:

    ME: One of the most wonderful dishes I ever had was cheese ravioli with a pancetta-brown butter-sage sauce, in a restaurant in Philadelphia. I’ve tried to replicate it and so far haven’t been successful.

    Sharon, mince the sage and the holes won’t show….

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