Labor Day!

September 3, 2010

So what’s on your mind, and your menu, for the holiday weekend?

Me, I’m listening to some serious blues tonight and tomorrow at the Hot Springs Blues Festival, of whichI am one of the organizers, and probably eating junk food from the festival. But Sunday an Monday, we’re talkin’ some cookin’.

I’m thinking Sunday is calling for that pork loin that’s been reposing in the freezer; for patting him down sensuously with some Rendezvous rub, plopping him on the grill, and grilling a little corn alongside. And a chocolate pound cake. Monday? How ’bout some tenderized and country-fried chuck-eye steak, some garlic mashed potatos, some purple hulled peas, some okra, some sliced tomatos?

Oh, and Saturday morning, I’m thinking some French toast. And Sunday morning, a quiche or maybe some corned beef hash. And somewhere in there, I’m going to make up a bunch of breakfast biscuits for the freezer.

Been missing my kitchen time. This gorgeous cool weather — down in the 50s tonight! — is callin’ me back to it!

You and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy your holiday weekend. And check out Janiva Magness on YouTube; that’s who I’ll be listening to tonight!


One Response to “Labor Day!”

  1. Pamela Coulter Says:

    Trish said we need to be eating with you this Holiday. Of course you know where we are right now, Yup you got it at work. Yup in order to get off Monday Labor Day we have to labor on Sunday lol. So you have a great Labor Day

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