September, soup and geometry

September 1, 2010

It’s the first of September, Labor Day is coming, it’s actually supposed to get down below 60 at night this weekend. So it must be time for soup.

I had a notion for white beans, so I’d soaked them last night. This morning, I did a quick-and-dirty Tuscan white bean soup, which is only Tuscan by virtue of the fact it has, well, white beans, oregano and basil in it.

I didn’t have any Italian sausage on hand, so I used brats. I didn’t have any carrots, so I didn’t use ’em. It was nothing more than white beans, water, a can of diced tomatos, basil, oregano, and sauteed brats. I didn’t even feel like chopping veggies, so instead of onion and garlic, I used onion and garlic powder. And I didn’t salt it because I wasn’t sure how salty the brats were going to be (answer…ALMOST salty enough. I added a tad, not much.)

I did not take a picture. It’s soup. You’ve seen it. It’s not overly photogenic. Deal with it.

Color me lazy. Also color me full. That’s a wonderful soup that lends itself well to whatever substitutions you feel like making in it. And two things really make it perfect:

  1. New son loves it. (“You’re going to make this again, OK?”)
  2. It simmers away in your crock pot all day long, to be ready when you get home.

Which is a Good Thing, because we wound up not eating until almost 8 p.m. anyway, because we were working on geometry homework.

Now, friends and neighbors, I will be the very first to admit that I am innumerate; i.e., I don’t do numbers well at all. And I never took geometry in my life (and as a matter of fact and a point of pride, managed to graduate from Memphis State University without EVER having had to take a math class). But I have a bipolar, ADD 15-year-old here, and I’m having to learn his style of studying, and I’m damned if I’m going to eat dinner while that kid is sitting there laboring over 36 problems in his geometry homework. Ain’t happening.

So we worked on it, and we worked on it, and I e-mailed his teacher and his counselor and asked for some assistance, and we’re going to start math peer tutoring tomorrow, and he was so damn proud of himself when he actually finished those 36 problems, and I was so damn proud of him that it was well worth waiting an extra hour and a half to eat dinner.

And after a couple of weeks of dealing with settling-into-school issues and wondering, “Holy shit, am I going to be able to do this?” and, “Self, what in the blue hell have you gone and gotten into NOW?” I am beginning to think that OK, we can get through this. Once I learn how to give him what he needs in terms of support, and he learns how to organize and make his way through his homework, that is. And if that’s a work in progress, at least it’s a work that’s making progress.

I do have to chuckle. The kid, after two weeks, has a 21 average in geometry and a 100 in English. He might as well be mine.

In any event, I’m going to go meditate on congruent angles and such. You and y’mama ‘n ’em want to spell me as geometry tutor, come on over. I’ll give you some leftover soup.


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