My head hurts, my feet stink and I don’t love Jesus

August 13, 2010

Just had that Jimmy Buffett tune running through my head, and thought I’d share. M’mm h’mm, thank you, drive through.

It was burgers again tonight, NS’s request, and since I’m about to go off and leave him for three days to the tender mercies of Child C and CCRB, I figured I’d humor him. Didn’t have any PJF beef, so I bought ground round at the grocery.

Not even close. And I don’t give a rat that it’s half the PJF price. ‘ Tain’t worth it.

Actually, I suspect you could use it OK in an application like chili or spaghetti sauce, where it’s all spiced and bathed in tomatos and such. But for a burger or meatballs or a meat loaf, where the beef takes center stage — nope, give me those grass-fed cows.

Funny. I don’t remember the “homegrown” beef we raised every year tasting that good. Probably because it had a higher percentage of fat in it. And ours was not entirely grass-fed; they got hay and cattle feed, too. Maybe it’s the species of cow. I’ll have to ask Ed, the PJF guy, whether theirs are Angus or what. We always had Herefords, for some reason. Except for Frosty, who was sort of mixed red-and-white in something of an Appaloosa type pattern. He was the very first calf we raised and butchered, and I learned never to name anything you plan to eat.

I was a vegetarian for a year. Except for pork. I never liked the damn pigs anyway.

Elsewhere in the world of Hot Springs and environs today:

It’s still hot. And I looked at Intellicast’s long-range forecast for New Orleans, and it’s going to be low 90s. That would be approximately 15 degrees cooler than it is here, where we have had something like nine years and seven months of consecutive 100-degree-plus days.

Who, me exaggerate? Surely you jest.

Blanche Lincoln, our two-term Senator who is facing a challenge from a Republican congressman in this crazy political climate that has us all scratching our heads, was here today. If you care. I do. I want her to win in November. She’s a good ol’ gal and is doing a decent job for us, so any of you Arkansas readers out there…please vote for Blanche.


That was a hiatus while I folded laundry, packed, went to the drugstore to pick up a prescription, came back and cooked stuff for the children to eat while I’m on the road. I left them three meals. I’m going to be gone three nights. And there’s cereal, oatmeal, bananas, nectarines, hot dogs, buns, and PB&J. They should not starve.

They’re having chicken pot pie one night; frozen lasagna another; and fish sticks and mac and cheese the third. Or in whatever order they want it. They can eat it all in one day as far as I’m concerned, but they’ll be hungry the rest of the time.

And since I have to leave my house at oh-dark-thirty tomorrow morning, I’m going to bed. You and y’mama ‘n ’em keep things straight while I’m gone.


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