Damn, folks, it’s hot

July 25, 2010

Grill is just slightly

Hotter than the sauna-like air.

Summer kills appetite.

That, and the fact I cooked the steaks too done.

It was good. But nothing tastes good when it's so hot the a/c won't cool the house.

They were way closer to medium than medium rare. Dammit. Because they were still wonderfully tender and had that great PJF beef taste.

I fed the thundering herd — Children B and C and NS, Child C’s boyfriend, CCRB and her boyfriend, and me. Steak, garlic mashed potatos, tomatos, grilled squash. And ice cream with fresh peach sauce:

Sucky picturee. Great dessert. Even if it was just Breyers' ice cream.

It has, at least, been a fruitful, if hotter’n hell, day. I made pimento cheese for Child B as well as some for her to take back to Child A. I made myself a big batch of egg salad. I made raita, because I felt like it, although I have absolutely nothing with which to eat it. I made a quiche this morning with leftover asparagus (LEFTOVER ASPARAGUS? HERESY!) from last night.

And we went shopping, because child B is starting to have a little belly, and her clothes don’t fit so very well any more. This being the kid who is 5 feet tall, weighs 104 pounds, and has about 3 percent body fat.

I’m sorry. I should not be gleeful about her getting chubby. But I think it’s funny.

This would be Child B, who was taking a nap, and I thought it was cute, but she woke up and hid her face when I picked up the camera. That was after we had been shopping and she stocked up on loose-enough tops — small, not extra small — to carry her through the early days of pregnancy.

But won't she be CUTE when she's eight months pregnant?

Let’s see. What else. I have two canteloupes, at 50 cents each at the Farmers’ Market, that I need to peel and chunk up and put in the fridge. I have enough peach sauce to do something else, yet to be determined, with. I have a metric assload of grilled squash left over. And my refrigerator is bursting at the seams.

I think the quiche will go to work with me tomorrow. That’ll finish THAT off. Strawberries may go, too; I bought too many, but they were cheap. And I’ve been eating them for breakfast. Dessert too.

I have to go back this week and pick up the changing table and price the cradle, and possibly get it, too. And we spent an unconscionable amount of time perusing little kid clothes.

Now I’ve got a kitchen to clean up and a shower to take and a bed to stretch out in and read right shortly. And the Cubs just tied St. Louis in the 5th, dammit. So you and y’mama ‘n ’em help me pull the Cards through, and we’ll bid this hot weekend farewell and hope the rain comes through tonight.


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