July 22, 2010

Does anyone else remember Bill The Cat?

I love me some Bill The Cat.

Apropos of not much, except that’s an accurate and efficient summation of  my world tonight.

Thursday is heavy workout night at the gym. And workouts, contrary to any kind of logic I can imagine, tend to kill my appetite. So I picked up burgers for NS, for whom it was also heavy workout night, came home, and have been dining for the past couple of hours on a glass of wine.

Life could be a damn sight worse.

Child B, the knocked-up one, will be here tomorrow. I’m cooking that corn-and-shrimp saute tomorrow night and may, just for the hell of it, roast some asparagus and make some hollandaise.  Saturday, I’ve told her we’d go to the Farmers Market and she could pick the veggies of her choice and I’d cook them for her. (There will be corn. There will be okra. Not sure what all else. Probably zucchini fritters, which I will have to make with cornbread, rather than cracker crumbs.) Sunday night will be steaks; I’m splurging on the PJF tenderloins, plus some sirloins for those who insist on medium well, because I am freakin’ -A-well NOT ruining a good filet by cremating that sumbitch.

So nothing this weekend you haven’t seen before. However, I’m thinking I’m going to try a couple of new things; I have some leftover roasted corn in the fridge, and I’m thinking a roasted corn risotto with ancho cream sauce. And I saw a recipe on the Pioneer Woman blog (I’m gonna win one of those damn KitchenAid mixers on that one of these days, I swear!) for a breakfast thing I want to try. It’s chopped hardboiled eggs with mayo, mustard, cheese, and Worcestershire that you pile on an English muffin half and toast. Given that Child B is the gluten-intolerate princess, I figure I’ll make hoecakes (fried cornbread) and toast it on top of that. Which is, of course, kinda-sorta like grits. But different.

And we are supposed to antique-shop for “shabby chic” items for the nursery. Oh, my aching bank account.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a most excellent Friday, and I’ll see y’all when I get around to posting again.


One Response to “Ack.”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    How can anyone forget Bill the Cat? He and Opus ran for President/Veep on the Meadow Party ticket at least twice. 🙂

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