A match made in heaven

July 9, 2010

Oh. My God.

I'd'a never thunk it. But this is So Good.

If you do not have the following ingredients in your garden, freezer and/or kitchen, go get them Right Now, so you can make this. Because I swear, there is nothing else you will make this quick that will even approach being this good, and whoever you’re cooking for will think you’re a freakin’ genius, and you can just claim credit for it and smile demurely. If you make it for your significant other, it will get you either engaged or lucky, depending upon which you want.

Because this? Is. Damn. Good.

Go procure:

  • a pound of uncooked, shelled shrimp, or shell ’em yourownself
  • 3 ears of yellow corn, kernels cut off
  • about 3 tbsp of butter
  • a handful of chives, snipped
  • a handful of fresh basil, chiffonaded (and more for your capreses)

Melt the butter in a skillet. Saute the corn for, oh, maybe 7-10 minutes over medium heat. Throw in the shrimps and the chives. Pop a lid on the pan and let it cook until the shrimps turn pink on the outside and white inside. Add the basil and stir it up and turn off the heat.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote. And she didn’t need to write any more.

But of course, I will, because I am just so overcome with these shrimps, and how they play with the corn and the chives (the recipe called for scallions, but I didn’t have any, and I had chives). The corn is buttery and still a little crispy and it smooches up against the shrimp, which is toothsome and has some of that fresh gardeny flavor imparted by the corn and the chives, and the basil throws in a little top note of, well, basil, and when you have that with a tart, tangy slab or two of tomato and a creamy slab of mozzarella and some good EVOO and more of that basil and a glass of Menage ‘a Trois California White….well.

And I am So Full, and I still have strawberries and creme fraiche.  Life is just hard, I tell you.

New Son, who does not like shrimp (easy to see he and I have no genetic connection), had a DiGiorno stuffed crust pizza and pronounced it fine. What-freakin’-ever.

A fine start to the weekend. My friend who is my culinary guinea pig is visiting from Memphis, so I had to try at least one new thing on him. The rest of the weekend is mostly tried-and-true stuff, up to and including surf and turf tomorrow and a grilled pork loin Sunday. I also have a brisket coming from PJF tomorrow morning, and I am going to corn that baby. Got my spices all ready, and I’m going to have me some FINE Reubens and corned beef hash later this summer.

Had a nice surprise when I got home this evening:

Kitchen goodies! Never too many kitchen goodies!

That’s the contents of my OXO gift box, which I earned by winning the French toast contest on Food 52. Cool stuff…the angled measuring cup it’s easy to read from above, some measuring spoons that look like baby ice cream scoops, a small stainless whisk, a flexible spatula, and a silicone potholder. Nice! Thanks, OXO and the Food 52 gals, Amanda and Merrill!

All that, and the Cards are beating Houston, 5-zip. Yep. Life is good. You and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy the weekend!


One Response to “A match made in heaven”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Gonna have to try this one for sure! Shrimp and corn…such a lovely sounding marriage…..

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