June 27, 2010

If corn, okra and tomatos are the Holy Trinity of Southern cuisine, then I think I’m saved, sanctified, filled with the holy ghost and fixin’ to start speaking in tongues.

Can’t help it. There’s something about the bounty of fresh vegetables in the summer that brings out the rural Southerner in me, the one with the acre-and-a-half garden who never ate a vegetable nor a bite of meat that didn’t grow within a mile of home until she was half grown. Locavore, my ass; I was a locavore before anyone knew what one was, and would have probably looked askance at you had you called them one.

Have I mentioned I love the farmer’s market? Have I mentioned I love fresh veggies? Have I mentioned I can ditch the spice rack and the herb garden when it comes time for okra, corn and tomatos? Oh, and let us not forget the green beans and new potatos, although they were definitely overshadowed by the Trinity. Nothing went on my plate tonight that had been seasoned with anything other than seasoned salt, regular salt, bacon grease and pepper. I did use some olive oil, mostly because I emptied my corn oil bottle. And I cannot think of a single thing I could have done that would have improved the taste one tiny bit.

I cut the corn off eight ears of the peaches-and-cream variety — vareigated yellow and white. Sauteed it in a mix of butter and olive oil, about 2 tbsp each. Hit it with a shake or two of seasoned salt. When the corn commenced to stick a bit, I added about half a cup of water, clapped the lid on it, turned the heat down to low, and promptly forgot it for 30 minutes. When the water’s all absorbed/cooked away, it’s done.

The beans I put on in my cast iron Dutch oven with bacon grease, salt and pepper, and new potatos scattered about the top. Simmered them about two hours. They tasted like home.

The okra I cut in half-inch slices, let it sit for a half-hour, then threw it in a plastic bag with cornmeal, salt and pepper. Shook it up, sifted off the excess cornmeal, fried it in a quarter-inch of oil in a medium-hot skillet.

Sliced the tomatos. Applied salt liberally.


Oh, and I made chickan parmigiana, for those in this house who don’t partake of veggies. I guess it was good. I didn’t bother.

I think I’m going to go to sleep now. Tell y’mama ‘n ’em goodnight.


2 Responses to “Satiated….”

  1. Ya know, if fried okra ain’t in heaven, I don’t know if I want to go. I had some baked kale chips tonight that had similar taste and texture.

  2. littleclove Says:


    When you say, “seasoned salt” do you mean like Lawry’s brand? Or, do you season it yourself?

    I would love to try corn this way, and I have a jar of Lawry’s seasoned salt in my spice drawer so I’m hoping that’s what you use (or something you can buy).

    Lawry’s is EXACTLY what I use. I cannot cook without it, and keep one in the spice rack and a backup in the pantry at all times. It’s wonderful stuff.

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