Ahhhh, summer weekends

June 26, 2010

We have good news and we have bad news.

The good news is, the Farmers’ Market is packed chock plumb full of wonderful stuff this time of year, and I brought a bunch of it home with me this morning.

The bad news is, the camera’s still out of commission. I think it needs a new battery, which will necessitate ordering one from Olympus. Dammit.

So you don’t get to see the blackberries and the peaches and the plums and the blueberries and the squash and the eggplant and the okra and the…well, you get the idea. Oh, yeah, and the fresh peaches-and-cream corn, four ears for a buck fifty.  And the sandwich-sized tomatos.

At present, I’m cooking blackberries for a blackberry cobbler. Because I love me a blackberry cobbler. I’m contemplating whether to do the real thing and make pie crust dough which I’ll then cut up into dumplings and strips to weave over the top, or do the quick-and-dirty cobbler batter. I’m thinkin’ fresh blackberries deserve the real thing. Tonight it’s burgers, because I’ve got the PJF beef and New Son had to go to the doc today with a nasty eczema infection that we think started from a mosquito bite or poison ivy and he loves a burger and he deserves to be babied a little. And I’m going to make squash chips. He may not like them; I do.

Tomorrow will be fresh veggies — corn, okra, tomatos, green beans (not from the farmer’s market, but from CCRB’s dad’s garden, which is Just As Good) with new potatos. I’ll make an extra burger patty for New Son. I don’t suspect he’ll much care for all the veggies, though he might eat the corn, which I am going to cook with bacon and chipotle peppers. 

Sometime next week, it’s moussaka, which I will have to prepare one night and cook the next, because it takes a good while.

Oh, and tonight’s deviled eggs, as well, since I needed to cook about a dozen to make room for the fresh ones I brought home from the egg hatchery. So they’re boiled and chilling.

Monday night, I have to make a coconut cake for one of the girls at work for her birthday; we won’t eat it until Thursday, but it needs to sit for two or three days to get nice and ooshy-gooshy.

Other culinary notes from the week:

  • Had possibly the most phenomenal shrimp and grits I’ve ever had in my life this week; Maddie’s Place in Little Rock, owned and run by the guy who used to be the chef at NOLA in New Orleans until he moved back home. Shrimp were broiled. Grits were impossibly creamy, with smoked gouda. And the sauce was an “andouille reduction,” which looked much like a lighter version of red-eye gravy and was To Die For. I was disappointed I’d gotten the small order (Hey, it was lunch!). Not a mistake I’ll make again. I wish I could figure out what liquid is used in the sauce — it MAY be a very light white wine, along with some water. It’s a thin sauce, made impossibly flavorful by the renderings from the andouille, which they make in house and which is probably the best andouille I’ve ever eaten.
  • Yesterday was my birthday (I am now a road sign, and if I am not much mistaken, eligible for AARP discounts, which I will NOT be taking, thank you very much). Ten years from Social Security, if there’s any of it left, which I doubt. No danger of retiring before them nor likely at that point, I promise you. Anyway, the crew at work got me a cheese grater from the Culinary District, along with a handy-dandy little critter that’s a wire with handles on both ends that you use to cut things (loop and pull). Call it a function of my reading too many thriller novels that it occurred to me it would work marvelously as a garrote. Don’t let me get behind you if you’ve pissed me off.

OK. I’m off to the kitchen to make pie crust and squash chips before I head to the pool for a couple of hours. You and y’mama ‘n ’em enjoy these summer veggies, and stay cool.


One Response to “Ahhhh, summer weekends”

  1. Len Cleavelin Says:

    …a handy-dandy little critter that’s a wire with handles on both ends that you use to cut things (loop and pull). Call it a function of my reading too many thriller novels that it occurred to me it would work marvelously as a garrote.

    Um… That is a garrote, as I remember what a proper garrote is. The true point to a garrote is to cut your victim’s throat, not to strangle him/her.

    Remind me not to piss you off in a couple weekends. Maybe I should keep the beer locked in my car until I’m almost ready to leave? 😉

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