Exhaustion, dinner, and odds and ends

June 22, 2010

My dinner tonight — caprese salad. New son’s dinner tonight (he who will not approach a raw tomato in any shape, form or fashion) — frozen lasagna. We are both well-satisfied.

My cooking is taking a much more pedestrian turn since I’ve acquired this teenager. He is suspicious of most stuff that goes beyond meat and potatos. So, being unwilling for the most part to cook dual meals, and since Child C  and CCRB’s tastes are closer to his than mine, I’ve toned down some of the more adventurous kitchen exploits. Plus, I’ve been gone. And busy when I was home.

I’d planned on fish tonight — had some cod fillets, which I’d thawed in the fridge overnight — but a late afternoon at work and some painful bruised ribs put me out of the notion to do anything that looked like that much work. I was going to do part of the fillets in a panko crust, and the others in a miso glaze a la Nobu, and cook some rice and steam some edamame and call that dinner, but even that was more work than I felt up to doing. So I picked up a Stouffer’s lasagna, because the 15-year-old kid ain’t been made that doesn’t love Stouffer’s lasagna, and I sliced myself up a tomato, some mozzarella, and some fresh basil.

Life is good.

I cooked him, and Child C, a pot roast Sunday. Had texted Child C with those fateful words: “Pot roast tonight,” knowing they’d bring her home more reliably than money or a new iPhone. She walked in, grin a mile wide, and announced, “Mama, I could smell that outside. When’s dinner?” And in fact, it was damn fine pot roast. I did use an envelope of onion soup mix, as I had one and as Son 1 does not care for onions in their natural form. But just for the hell of it, and because I had a piece of a bottle of cab that someone left (I’m  not much of a cab drinker), I doused it with some wine before I added the soup mix, the potatos and the carrots.

And then last night I broke him in on enchilada casserole, which he prodded suspiciously — it had black beans, and he looks askance at any beans that do not come out of a can with sickly sweet tomatoey sauce — but he pronounced it pretty good, too.

I’m thinking I may actually work him around to tomatos eventually.

Found a recipe tonight for jerk chicken with beans, served over rice, that I think will make an appearance before too long. And I have a pork tenderloin that has a date with Rendezvous rub and my grill over the holiday weekend, which will make him happy, along with all the rest of us in eating range. Am also contemplating my first foray into corned beef sometime this summer, with a PJF brisket. He’s already tried more new stuff in the past month than he’d probably tried in the past year. For that, I can revert to meatloaf and mac-n-cheese more often than I might otherwise.

Elsewhere in my culinary world….

…Did I tell y’all I won a Food 52 contest for my French toast? My “Bell-less Whistle-less, Damn Good French Toast,” with just three ingredients and a quart or so of cholesterol? Eggs, heavy cream, challah bread. Try French toast like that one good time, and I swear before God, all other French toast pales in comparison. In fact, I had to make some, last weekend, I think it was, just to remind myself. I may perhaps need reminding again next weekend.

…Lost the tarragon in the herb garden. It’s less forgiving than are the others as far as not getting watered when it ought to. I may replant, or not. The other folks are doing just fine.

…Met with one of my companies that does broodstock for chicken farms this week, only to discover they also provide some eggs for consumption, and where I can get them. They’re not free-range, but they’re fresh, which is what counts. And they have double-yolked eggs. I can get a whole freakin’ dozen double-yolked, farm-fresh eggs, at a store here in Hot Springs. Hello, best fried-egg breakfasts in the Western world. They even gave me a flat of ’em, which I have left in the fridge at work for two consecutive nights and MUST take home tomorrow. Of course, I must now use the eggs I have in the fridge for something else — maybe a pound cake, maye egg-n-olive sandwiches — so I can make room. This is NOT a bad problem to have.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em consider what I might be able to do with all these excess eggs, and let me hear. Meanwhile, I’m going to finish my double vodka tonic, and call it an early night.


One Response to “Exhaustion, dinner, and odds and ends”

  1. Kath the Cook Says:

    deviled eggs!
    Yeah, I’m thinking either deviled eggs or egg-n-olive salad. Or both. Or a pound cake.

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