Brief update for the evening

June 3, 2010

In Oklahoma City, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

Fine dinner tonight at Red Prime steakhouse. Prix fixe — caprese salad that included a fried green tomato, just for giggles; 7oz filet with sea salt and brown sugar crust and black truffle butter, slivered asparagus and strawberry shortcake.

For $35.

Take THAT, New York and Chicago. And Memphis, for that matter.

Good choice — tomato salad, and filet with truffle butter. Love me some truffle butter.

Choice I wished I’d made: flash fried spinach ‘sted of asparagus. Think spinach chips. As in crispy. Damn well cool.

Strawberry shortcake included a “chicken fried strawberry”, with a cinnamon/brown sugar crust, on the side. M’mm. Yes. OK. Thank you, drive through.

But that steak. I may dream of that steak.

Tell y’mama ‘n ’em I said hey, and I’ll check back in when I get home.


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