Farmer’s market season!

May 1, 2010

Yippee! The Farmers Market is open!

Not that theyhave a great deal yet, although the Vietnamese families were there with sugar snaps and snow peas and radishes and lettuce and green onion; Ed, my PJF guy, was there; the Amish, with baked goods (a loaf of bread and a bag of cashew brittle came home with me), and a few other veggies here and there that looked suspiciously like folks had sourced them from somewhere else and brought them out. I bought tomatos, which are among the things I’m suspicious about, but I signed up to test a tomato pie recipe from Food 52 so I needed tomatos, and they will certainly be no worse than supermarket tomatos.

This week’s Jackson got me two pounds of sausage, four large tomatos, a quart of sugar snaps, a loaf of bread, the cashew brittle, and a Farmers Market shopping bag.

So now I’m contemplating what I want to cook this weekend. The tomato pie will be tomorrow, because I have a notion Child C and CCRB won’t care for it, and that way I can take it to work and feed everyone up there. I’m contemplating whether some leftover beef roast and onions that I cooked for them before I left town is OK, or whether it’s past its prime…I’m leaning toward past it’s prime, though they didn’t bother to heat it up and I hate to throw all that out. If I chunk that, I’m thinking something with smoked sausages, since I have them in the freezer and it sounds good. I also have a head of red cabbage that I could use to make some German red cabbage….h’mmmm. And German potato salad? That may be exactly the ticket; do those sausages in a mustard cream sauce.

Tomorrow, with the tomato pie, I’m thinking a spring lamb stew with carrots, and do the peas in a cream sauce with pasta for a side. There’s a recipe for that from Food 52 as well that sounded to-die-for.

Coming up during the week….pasta carbonara,  because I got pancetta. And maybe homemade pizza with caramelized onions and goat cheese, because I haven’t had one in a long time and I’m jonesing for it.

Got to get into serious freezer cleanout mode soon; I have cod fillets (thankfully vacuum sealed), a big damn Boston butt, a pork loin, some red snapper filets left over from last year (how long will those keep, vacuum sealed?) and duck breasts (also vacuum sealed) that are more than a year old and MUST be  used. I’m somewhat tempted to make a big pot of duck gumbo.

And soon, I’ll have to start rethinking cooking strategies. Temporary son from last summer will be here May 15; he’s about to become permanent son. I see a lot of mac and cheese in our future, as well as coaxing the kid to eat veggies and expand his gustatory horizons.

You and y’mama ‘n ’em say a prayer for us. I suspect we’ll need it.


One Response to “Farmer’s market season!”

  1. jane Says:

    Sorry we missed the Farmer’s Market during our visit.
    Joe and I managed to make the Downtown Farmer’s Market
    and was disappointed at the selection. It is, of course,
    early in the season. Our Proctor Farmer was there along
    with the Angus Beef dude. This year Memphis has added
    a new market in Cooper Young. The inclement weather prevented our weekly foray last weekend. I am looking forward to a trip to Cooper Young.

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