Spring gardening

April 22, 2010

The herb garden, planted in honor of Earth Day and in the hopes of many good meals this summer.

Here we have my project for the day. From left, in front of the gate, in pot A, lemon balm, parsley and sage. Pot B, thyme and oregano. Pot C, mint, which gets its own pot because it spreads like mad and will choke out anything with which it shares a pot. Pot D, chives and dill. Behind the gate, on the left, rosemary; on the right, basil. Both get a pot to themselves because, like the mint, rosemary is a perennial and will come inside this winter; the basil gets its own pot because I’m hoping it’ll take a cue from the mint and spread like mad because? I love me some basil.

Here we have Lucy Lu investigating the herb garden:

We were not overly interested in the oregano and thyme. We much preferred the mint and the dill.

And after we planted everything, and watered everything, we decided we’d sweep all the oak and pine sheddings off the deck, to the accompaniment of a grand cloud of pollen and much sneezing on the part of both me and the dog. Said dog, I might add, thinks it’s great fun when Mama sweeps the deck becaues she gets to chase the broom, which is a Good Thing because then she’s a tired dog and will sack out and let Mama have some peace and quiet.

Chasing brooms and helping Mama plant herbs is hard work.

She is a right cute little shit, isn’t she? And as we speak — OK, as we type — she’s about to doze off on the couch. Exercise is a Good Thing.

She was not the only one who was tired. I found it necessary to prop up my feet and enjoy an adult carbonated beverage. Thus the self portrait:

Please note almost-new pedicure. Also potting soil on feet and pants legs.

Well, I mean, Jeez, y’all didn’t expect me to put my face on there, didja? Not today, boys and girls. Not today.

But there is a great deal to be said for sitting on the deck with one’s feet propped up, enjoying an adult carbonated beverage, and looking at this view right over the tops of your toes:

That's lake down there behind the trees, which are a heartstoppingly gorgeous shade of green right now.Life ain’t bad here on the lake. No sir, not at all it ain’t. I believe I’ll stay here a while.

Or at least as long as the adult carbonated beverage holds out.

In any event, when I came in, I was hungry and didn’t have a clue what I wanted. I ate some ice cream, and then I ate some cereal. Neither fit the empty spot in my stomach. So I’m resorting to my go-to meal when I don’t know what I want, because I always want potato salad. And I am currently enjoying a bowl of still-hot-from-boiling-the-potatos potato salad, along with another adult carbonated beverage, and life is good on the lake.

Except if you’re LucyLu, and looking at me mournfully because I’m not sharing.

No. You're not getting any. Yes. I'm a heartless bitch.

Is that a pitiful face, or what? It’s also attached to an overweight body. The vet says she needs to lose weight. She won’t do it eating potato salad. I’m bad enough at tossing her bits of cheese and such.

So you and y’mama ‘n ’em cut me some slack for abusing the dog (who does, btw, eat the most damned expensive dog food on the planet), and send up prayers to the fertility goddesses that my herb garden does well and we enjoy lots of capreses and mojitos and other good stuff this summer.


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