Midweek no-cooking report

April 21, 2010

It’s been a week of forgettable food so far. At least until today.

Monday night was a meeting that included dinner. It was turkey tetrazzini, green beans and corn, which weren’t bad, but were not the stuff of rapture. Tuesday night was a banquet. It was typical banquet chicken, typical banquet rice pilaf, typical banquet carrots. Dessert was pretty good, though; chocolate mousse in a hard chocolate shell with whipped cream. Good chocolate, too.

Today I had a lunch meeting in Our Capital, and I got to pick the place, so I picked B Side since it’s close to Whole Foods, where I also needed to go. I dithered amongst the BLT, the gouda and ham frittatta, and the eggs benedict; settled on the BLT.

Sweet baby Jesus. That may be the all-time best BLT I ever had. All that it lacked for abject perfection was a few slices of avocado.

It started with really, really good toasted wheat bread. And it added good tomatos, Romaine lettuce, and thick, crispy, applewood-smoked bacon. And then….and THEN….it had chipotle aioli.

Oh. My. God. I am SO making some chipotle aioli. And I’m serving it on every-freakin’-thing.

The sandwich came with really odd, but really good, tortilla chips. Flour tortillas, a little thicker than common; cut in quarters and deep fried, and then sprinkled with a combo of brown sugar and cayenne. Yum.

And we split an order of beignets for dessert. They were as good as they were the first time.

Consequently, of course, I am not hungry tonight. I’m thinking it may be wine and cheese, since I have no children here tonight. And I have several different cheeses, courtesy of a couple of trips to Whole Foods — a Uniekaase Robusto, a cave aged Gruyere, sheep’s milk and cow’s milk from PJF, and a couple of others. And I’ve still got a couple of bottles of wine in the rack. Yes, I think that’s calling to me. Maybe with some pickles, and some olives.

Quiet weekend planned, no house guests, so I’m thinking I may get experimental this weekend. I have shrimp, and I have canned crabmeat, and I still have the caviar; may try something involving a couple of those.

With that, I believe there’s a bottle of wine calling my name. If you and y’mama ‘n ’em decide to come join me, bring your own.


One Response to “Midweek no-cooking report”

  1. graciecat Says:

    Mmmm – I’ve been meaning to try B-Side but a very important party of my food religion is the 19th commandment – thou shalt wait for the hype to die down. pretty much dying to try the bacon wrapped french toast on a stick. The BLT you had sounds good too!

    If I’ve never mentioned it before, we are cheese kindred spirits. I’m all about trying new cheeses. In fact, since I know you regularly come to LR to buy cheese I’d bet you know my good friend Lil Mary – she’s the cheese girl at Whole Foods.

    Heh, Arkansas is a small town.

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