Recycling is a Good Thing

February 6, 2010

You want steak and eggs? I'll show you steak and eggs...M’mm h’mm, I got your steak and eggs, all right. Here’s what you do with that piece of filet (actually, pieces of TWO filets, as neither of us could finish them), leftover garlic mashed potatos, and leftover asparagus (the white stuff is either mashed potatos or bearnaise, not sure which).

I blended the potatos with a little cream and some flour, made patties and fried them. Nuked the steak for 30 secs to take the chill off, and then seared it for about 30 seconds on a side in a hot skillet before slicing it. Nuked the asparagus. Fried an egg. Brunch!

I’ll take steak and eggs like this any day of the week.

An earlier-this-week recycled dinner included leftover meatloaf and butterbeans, along with some fried sweet potatos with paprika:

I love fried sweet potato. And it’s a good quick thing to do to go with whatever kind of leftovers you have on hand to brighten up dinner.

Went to the grocery just now, spent 50 bucks, and promptly forgot the biggest thing I went there for: Yeast. And walked right down the proper aisle to get flour and bread crumbs, too. What a freakin’ idiot. But I think I wanna go back, anyway, because I picked up a jar of whitefish caviar because it was on sale, and I was planning on making some creme fraiche anyway, and I want to go back and get some of those little tiny red potatos, boil ’em, cut ’em in half and top ’em with a dab of creme fraiche and caviar. And very possibly sit here by myownself and eat them for snacks during the Super Bowl. Because I can.

I’ve been invited to a party, but I’m going to a party tonight, so I may just beg off on the one tomorrow; it would be kinda nice to just sit here home alone, make cool munchy food, and enjoy the game by myself. Or I may make up a tray of the little potatos and go on to the party and cement my reputation as a kickass appetizer cook, though there’s not much that’s any simpler than those potatos. People just jump goofy and think you’re all that and a bag of chips when you use caviar on anything.

I like it on deviled eggs, too, especially if they have a little crabmeat or smoked salmon in ’em.

Hell, I even bought anchovy filets today. I’ve never cooked anything with an anchovy filet before, but I ran across a recipe recently that called for ’em. Now, if I could just remember what it was….

Anyway, I gots to go get a shower and get all gorgeous and stuff for this party tonight. So you and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good evening, and pull for the Saints (I guess, though I DO like Peyton Manning) tomorrow.

One Response to “Recycling is a Good Thing”

  1. Another problem that needs highlighted is the fact that food is disposed of too quickly due to unrealistic use by dates. I go with the feeling that if its smells ok and looks ok its ok!! Bubble and squeek using the leftovers from a sunday meal is probably one of the oldest examples of food recycling.

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