February 2, 2010

That is a reflection on the state of my stomach, not the state of my cooking. I’ve got the queasies, don’t feel like eating, therefore no point in cooking, and I really don’t even feel like writing about food.

Am also tee-totally irritated because I was expecting a sizeable tax return, planning to make it the seed money for a boat this coming summer, and I find out I’m getting back the sum total of $197. Less the $27.50 I paid Turbo-Tax to prepare the damn thing. So I will spend that getting the damndog spayed this week.

What I need to do is win a thousand dollar gift certificate at the kitchen store, or Bed Bath and Beyond, and go on a shopping spree. That would make me feel better. Even TJ Maxx wouldn’t be bad; I saw a pair of really cute chairs there that I’d love to have four of for my dining room table, and they were only 60 bucks apiece.

The dog just stuck her nose up next to my ear and barked. I may NOT get her spayed this week. I believe it’s probably useless to spay a dead dog, which she is about three centimeters away from being.

My stomach doesn’t even think it could abide a Scotch. This is serious.

I believe I’ll go hibernate. You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a nice night.


One Response to “Ick.”

  1. Kath the Cook Says:

    sorry you’re feeling poorly – hope tomorrow is better – k
    Thanks. Feeling better this morning, although a sausage and egg empanada from the Mexican bakery didn’t make it past one bite. Hopefully I’ll at least be up to leftovers by this evening….

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