Cooking today what I meant to cook yesterday…

January 31, 2010

Which means the cleaning doesn’t get done. Oh, well. Hate that. I’ll hit it a lick and a promise one or two nights this week. Maybe.

But I made it to church this morning, and have been cooking both before and since. And it smells some kinda good in here and I am getting seriously hungry.

Bread pudding is better than housecleaning any day.

We started out last night in the crockpot with these:

8 p.m. last night

8 a.m. this morning

1:30 this afternoon.

which became these by noon today. Friends and neighbors, THESE are some caramelized onions. I didn’t put quite enough salt on ’em, but that can be remedied in whatever I make with them. I am seeing French onion soup one night this week, I swear I am. And I may yet make one more batch of carbonnades a la flamande before the winter’s out.  Three pounds of onions made about four cups, finished. And three pounds just about filled up my crockpot when I started; I could’ve probably squashed a few more in there, but not many.

All I did, per the instructions from the eGullet folks, was toss a stick of butter in the crock-pot, slice three pounds of onions and pile them in on top, turn it on low and walk away. I stirred it before I went to bed, and again when I got up, and then decided to go ahead and pull them almost eight hours early because they looked SO good.

It got to smelling pretty strong about midnight or so, but by this morning, the onion scent had mellowed out. That scent is now replaced with the smell of bread pudding , along with meatloaf, along with sweet potato bread, along with scalloped potatos. And there are butterbeans on the stove for good measure. Amaretto sauce for the bread pudding is on the stove. Oh, and because I had three eggs left in the carton, I boiled those and deviled them, because I was browsing the Southern Foodways Alliance site and found their deviled egg recipe booklet. And I love a deviled egg.

And right now I’m about to starve to death. Had cereal this morning, and then had an apple, some cheese, and a bread and butter pickle spear for lunch, since I’m going to have about 10,000 calories for dinner. The cheese was one of the ones I picked up at Whole Foods — Sea Hive, a medium aged cow’s milk cheddar that I would have almost sworn was sheep’s milk. It’s from Beehive Cheese in Redmond, Utah, I discovered when I Googled it. They make good cheese. (Not, mind you, that I have met many cheeses I didn’t like…)

I’m a little disappointed in the sweet potato bread. It rose nicely in the bowl, but not so well in the pans. It’s supposed to come up to the top of the pans, and after a little more than 2 1/2 hours, it didn’t, and I put it in the oven anyway. It’s flat, and it’s ugly, but it tastes good. Bread doesn’t like to rise for me in this house, because I keep it cool; normally I turn on the oven, then turn it off and let it cool a little, and put the bread in there to rise. But I needed the oven. So.

Stopped by Kroger on the way home from church because I was Out Of Butter, something that I cannot allow to happen, and I was also out of carrots, something I don’t like to let happen. Picked up both of those, plus brown sugar, which I was also out of, and on the marked-down meat section, found a pound and a half of Wright’s slab bacon for $2.79 and tenderized round tip steak, enough for two or three people, for $3.01. Bacon’s in the freezer because I always need bacon. I’m thinking I’ll take that steak, cut it in strips across the “tenderizing” grain, saute it with some salt and pepper and worcestershire, throw in some of those onions, put it on a couple of those multigrain rolls I’ve got on the counter and top it with some provolone cheese. Presto — sorta-kinda Philly cheesesteaks.

For now, I’m going to stop and partake of all this goodness, and hope the postponed Ole Miss-Arkansas game from yesterday, that they’re playing today, is on TV. You and y’mama ‘n ’em have a good evening.


2 Responses to “Cooking today what I meant to cook yesterday…”

  1. Alicia Says:

    so glad you enjoyed the seahive! thanks so much for the mention!

  2. […] people are amazed to learn that a crock-pot can be used to easily caramelize a metric ass-load of onions (it’s helpful if you take them outdoors to do so, as the smell […]

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