The day called for it….

January 30, 2010

Lots of little olives equal two or three big olives, yes? Yes.

So I mixed it.

And it was good.

OK, so it’s too freakin’ cold to enjoy a martini. I’ll buy that. However, some days just call for it, and today was one of ’em if ever I had one.

Drain still ain’t just exactly right; one has to have the garbage disposal on for it to drain. I’m not sure what all that’s about. But I can run the dishwasher (concurrently with the disposal), and I’ll put a few more stockpots of boiling water through it tomorrow and hope it shapes up. Else I’m gonna tear into it again, and it ain’t gonna be pretty, because I am Kay The Plumber and drain clogs quake in fear before my wrath.

Or something.

So, not wanting the day to be a total was as far as cooking went, I did manage to do a little here and there. I roasted the grape tomatos (and enjoyed a winter caprese), but forgot to take a pic. Made two mini-baguettes worth of garlic crostini, one white and one multigrain, and did remember to take a pic: see?

They want liver pate, they do. But they ain't gettin' it.

And then I figured I’d go ahead and get started on what was going to be another weekend project, albeit a not-real-labor-intensive one. I sliced up 3 pounds of STRONG yellow onions, not the sweet babies, because the lots-smarter-than-me folks over on eGullet (and lots of them cook for a living, so I listen to them) said the sweet ones don’t caramelize well, and I threw them in the crock pot with a stick of butter, from which they will allegedly emerge 24 hours later wonderfully caramelized.

And my house is seriously going to smell like onions, but that’s ok, in exchange for having caramelized onions at my beck and call anytime I want French onion soup or a steak with onions and blue cheese or I want to put them in scalloped potatos or whatever.

I did take a picture of the onions, but I’ll save it to pair with the “after” picture tomorrow, when we see if this stuff works.

Already smells oniony in here.

And, because I am a Good Mother, I did this:

and their counterpart, next:

M'mm h'mmm. Yeah. That.

So Child C and CCRB would have good stuff for breakfast and would not continue to resort to Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is possibly one of the worst abominations known to modern man.

The Drain Chronicles having carved a big chunk in my cooking plans for the weekend, the meat loaf gets moved to tomorrow, along with the scalloped potatos, which might have onions in ’em, depending on how caramelized these babies get by the time I’m ready to cook. And I have enough roasted tomatos left for a salad or two, for me and Child C (CCRB does not do tomatos, nor indeed, most veggies; I’m working on her). But the freezer-cleanout-from-hell revealed some lima beans and purple hulled peas from this summer, so I may have to indulge in those. Or the frozen okra. We will, dammit, have a veggie.

But right now, I’m going to finish this Most Excellent Martini and go to bed, because the Drain Battles have, in fact, drained ME, and I am one more tired middle-aged broad. So you and y’mama ‘n ’em be careful what you put down your disposal, and take care on the way to church tomorrow in case the roads where you stays are still icy.


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