Effing weather

January 29, 2010

Lovely day. Just lovely. The rain that started last night began to freeze on trees and such before daylight, and has now turned to sleet, with a promise of snow later. Upside — actually two of ’em — office was closed today, and my PJF order came in anyway. So I got out and picked that up, went by Kroger, filled the car up with gas, and I am prepared to cook my way through this winter storm, provided the power stays on.

Have I mentioned I hate winter? Though it does do nice things for my desire to cook.

And another thing. I have turned into a little old lady liberal. I’m buying free-range, organic meat and organic veggies. (Have not yet gotten to organic milk and eggs; eggs were 88 cents a dozen at the grocery so I stocked up, and then I forgot milk, so rather than drive back to the grocery I paid five bucks for a gallon at the nearest stop-and-rob; I COULD have had organic for that.) I use my reusable bags and recycle my plastic ones. And today I went out and bought myself a canvas Australian bush style rain hat. I thought I would look quite dashing in it, until I found a mirror.

I looked like a little old lady. Goddammit.

So I cam home and had to clean out the freezer to make room for the PJF meat — a pot roast, four gorgeous pork chops, two hefty chickens, sausage, ground beef and ground pork. One package of ground beef and the ground pork are thawing in the fridge, because I’m planning meat loaf tomorrow. Tonight is lamb meatballs and lentils in a vaguely Greek tomato sauce, possibly over orzo. With the meat loaf tomorrow, I’m thinking mac and cheese or a potato gratin; undecided which. Going to slice up a bunch of the mini-baguettes I picked up at Kroger last week and make garlic toasts for Child C. (And maybe for me; I might put together some fig and olive tapenade, and I have all that good Whole Foods cheese. And fig preserves…) I’m contemplating making some sweet potato bread, just because that was really, really good last time. Blueberries were on sale for a buck and a half a pint so I bought two, with some granola and some yogurt for breakfasts. Grape tomatos were on sale for a buck a pint, so I bought two of those and some fresh mozzarella; will roast the tomatos for a winter caprese.

I’m thinking roasted chicken on Sunday, and I can do various things with the leftover chicken meat.

And I still haven’t touched the lamb shanks that are reposing in the freezer from two weeks ago.

At least I shouldn’t have to go to the grocery for a while.

I’m gonna go ponder what I’m cooking. You and y’mama ‘n ’em report in on the snow from time to time.


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